What Do You need to Know About PR in Singapore?

Would it not be nice to stay in a country where you can get a stable job and sufficient income? A place where your kid could grow and learn new things without worrying so much about their safety? It sure does, and for sure, all of us want that to happen. That way, we could live our life to the fullest. No wonders why most foreigners want to stay here in Singapore for good. Despite getting rejected, they would submit their Singapore citizenship application again. 

So, what do you say? Is it not time for you to apply and become a permanent resident in Singapore? If you think so, too, do not hesitate to submit your application. Remember, the benefits you would get is something your family could also enjoy. However, before you become one, there are things you must know first. Keep your eyes peeled to find out what those things are here below.

What Must You Know About Permanent Resident in Singapore

6 Benefits of Becoming a Permanent Resident in Singapore

  1. Live, Stay, and Leave the Country

Once you become a permanent resident, one of the first benefits you would gain in Singapore is to work and travel without applying for a separate visa. All you need to do is present your blue card since this item acts as your identity document. 

  1. Add Your Unmarried Children

You can, but as long as your children are all under 21 years of age. Older than that are no longer eligible, and they would need to apply for their permanent residency. 

  1. Apply Visas for Your Parents

Besides your children, your parents could also benefit from you becoming a permanent resident. With the status you gained, you can apply for a long-term visit pass for your parents. As a result, your parents could stay and live in Singapore for at least three years. After that, you can re-apply their visas again.

  1. Change Job Without Re-applying for Work Permit

Absolutely! Once you become a PR, you would not need to re-apply your work permit when you change your job. With that, you would not need to think twice about resigning from your current job and look for another one.

  1. Qualified to Get Singapore Citizenship

During the five years of your PR, you would have a chance to change your PR status to full Singapore citizenship. If you were able to do so, you would get to enjoy the same right as locals do. Here’s what you need to satisfy first. 

  • Became a PR for at least two years and got married to a local born.
  • You got adopted by a Singapore citizen.
  • You are a PR, and your parents are Singapore citizens.
  • Your Singapore citizen parents must have a MyICA account, along with their Singpass. That way, they could sponsor your application.
  1. Gain Healthcare Assistance from the Government 

Singapore has a seamless healthcare system, and the government provides discounts to its citizens. So, once you gain a PR status, your treatment and medication would become more affordable. With that, you would not have to worry about when you get sick or need a prescription.

How to Apply for a Permanent Resident?

  • Meet the PR requirements Criteria

  • Your spouse must be either a Singapore citizen or have a PR status.
  • You have senior PR parents.
  • You have a work permit.
  • You are a student studying in Singapore.
  • A foreign investor.
  • Think if You Have Plans to Add Your Children Under Age 21

  • Fill-Up Application and Attach the Explanatory Notes

  • Prepare Supporting Documents (take note, all documents should be in UK English and have a copy each)

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage contract (if you are married)
  • Resume/ CV
  • Employment recommendation letter and evaluation report
  • Annex A (Your employer should fill this form up)

  • After Paying $100.00 for the Application Fee, You Must Wait for the Result.

  • Once Approved, You Will Receive a Letter of Approval.

What Can You Do When Your Singapore Citizenship Application Got Rejected?

If your Singapore citizenship application got rejected, try not to get dismayed. You see, even after receiving a rejection letter, you could still become a permanent resident after taking a few more steps. There are two options you can take. First is to file an appeal, and the other is to submit a new application. However, before you do so, you meet some of its criteria. Keep your eyes peeled with the details listed below.

Option One: File an Appeal

  • You can only file one if you did not receive any update within six months since you submitted your application.
  • Submit an appeal letter along with your PR application. Make sure you write your concerns crystal clear.

Option Two: Submit a New Application

  • Six months after you got a rejection letter from your previous application. 
  • Only if there are changes to your application. (e.g., change of legal status)

Whatever you choose between these two options, make sure you completed applications. Otherwise, you would only waste your chance of becoming a PR in Singapore. So, better find out the reasons why you got rejected in the first place.

Take Note: Usually, you can find this in the rejection letter you received from ICA. If you cannot find one, seek help from a PR firm. 

Do You Need Help Changing Your PR Status to Full Singapore Citizenship?

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