Diesel exhaust fluid is a diesel truck and heavy machine additive containing deionized water combined with urea that converts harmful nitrous oxide into harmless water and gas. It is applied in the exhaust streams to reduce air pollution outputs. DEF is the concept of Selective Catalytic Reduction(SCR), the most effective way of dissolving harmful emissions.

In 2010 diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) became a primary requirement for people using heavy-duty machines and vehicles that use diesel. There were changes in EPA emission standards which required diesel-burning engines to reduce their air pollution outputs to the lowest levels. The reduction is made possible through the use of DEF. Since 2010, heavy-duty trucks and vehicles had a diesel tank plus a diesel exhaust fluid tank. DEF helps diesel trucks and machinery comply with federal emission guidelines and is widely available in most gas stations, the biggest distributors for DEF. So, how can DEF help your vehicle?

It is a legal requirement.

The federal emissions guidelines require all diesel trucks to use DEF as a treatment to make the emissions harmless. It is because the emissions are harmful to you and the environment as well. You cannot operate a diesel truck without a DEF tank, and you cannot avoid using it either. If you are not compliant, you can be legally held accountable.

Therefore, using DEF helps you to comply with the EPA regulations.

Improved performance

Vehicles that use DEF experience more improved performance and minimizes fuel usage. As a result of the conversion of nitrogen oxides into harmless gas and water, fuel consumption goes low, and the engine performs better.

If your car has low DEF levels, it gradually reduces the vehicle speed. Plus, the regular engine conditions will start working as usual once you refill your DEF.

Reduce pollution

The primary function of DEF is to transform poisonous nitrogen oxides into safe water and gas. The toxic compounds cause air pollution and have been the causative factor of acidic rain and the global warming effect. Instead, water and nitrogen are safe to release in the atmosphere since they are harmless on their own.

Reduced maintenance

Engines with the SCR system have superior designs that are less prone to wear and tear on the machine. That way, it reduces the need for maintenance services resulting in confidence that the vehicle will not break down on you during essential errands.

Ensure you maintain the proper DEF levels in your DEF tank all the time. Usually, you should seek the services of a certified agent to help you refill the tank since pouring it at the wrong place can ruin your engine. The number of times you should fill is at least the fourth time of refilling your fuel tank.

DEF enhances heat during winter seasons

When the engine is in use during winter, the DEF technology allows heat to thaw it and keep it operating despite the freezing temperatures. Therefore, there is no need to integrate anti-freeze solutions to the DEF tank for preventing damage.

The bottom line

Trucks that utilize DEF end up being more efficient than those without. Since the fluid takes care of the emissions, the truck manufacturers modify their engines for maximum performance. To maintain your DEF potency for an extended period, avoid exposing your DEF tank to sunlight since it can reduce its lifespan.