What is Dog Socialization?

Dog Socialization means the process of learning to behave in a way that is acceptable to society. When we talk about dog socialization, it means helping them learn to be comfortable within human society. Our human society where we live is difficult for pet dogs. We everyday experiencing so many different things which is difficult to our pups to be part of those things. For this purpose we should socialized our dogs so that they feel comfortable in our environment. Everyday there are a lot of things those are part of our lives but may be very uncomfortable for our pets.

According to 360° Dog Walker To socialize your dogs doesn’t simply mean to allow them to play with other dogs rather than it means to expose them with other things like, smells, sights, building, noises, animals, other dogs, environment and people. Dogs (until they reach a certain age are) naturally made to be able to get used to the everyday things they face and encounter in their environment.  When they reach that age they become more suspicious of things they have not yet experienced in their lives. According to dog experts there are a certain age in which dogs can learn and experience new things when they are between 3 to 13 weeks old. After that age they become more cautious of those things they have not yet experienced. From about 13 to 18 weeks old the opportunity to socialize the puppy ends. With each passing week the dog become wary to those things he initially didn’t experience with. After 18 weeks old it becomes extremely difficult and impossible to teach a dog.

Benefits of dog socialization

Well socialized dogs usually develop into more relaxed, safer and enjoyable pet dogs. Poorly socialized dogs experience anxiety when they faced something new. If we compare well socialized dogs to poor socialized dogs they behave very nicely and feel comfortable when they encounter new things whereas other may behave fearfully or aggressively. Well socialized dogs are relaxed when they listen to the different types of noises, they are calm when they face new people, they don’t fear of the voice of bird chirping, they don’t feel anxiety when they see crowds, they are normal with honking horns, they don’t frightened of veterinary examination. Whereas poor socialized dogs behave opposite to well socialized dogs. They behave aggressively when they see new people and dogs.


It’s important for the people who are fond of having pups in their lives to socialize them. Having dogs in your lives is easy but it’s challenging to socializing them. Well socialized dogs behave differently and they easily adopt our society. It’s not important to hire someone for your dog to take them every day on your behalf and teach them learning new things, rather than you can do it by yourself with little things like, if you want to buy some things from the store take your dog with you. By doing so, you cannot only safe your money but also have a good time with your dog.