What is Special about My Right Brain

The brain is considered as one of the most important parts of the human body that controls the activities, abilities, thoughts, and emotions of an individual. It is basically divided into two hemispheres connected together with an extensive network of nerves and veins that work as information carriers through the different parts. The activities of the two hemispheres of the brain, known as cerebral hemispheres are coordinated by a band of tissues that connects the two units and is known as corpus callosum. A lot of research is being done to understand the characteristics of the brain and one of the outcomes of these research proved that the right hemisphere of the cerebrum takes care of the left side of the body and the left cerebral hemisphere takes care of the right side of the body. Even though the brain is split into two hemispheres, the processing in cerebrum take place as a joint effort, with both units working together.

You might have noticed around that some people are very good in logical reasoning, mathematical abilities and problem solving while others are generously talented in their artistic abilities, imaginative skills, and creativity. Although people may learn and practice these skills, some people seem to be born with these qualities. This can be attributed to brain dominance. It is generally considered that the left brain, also known as the digital brain, deals with logical, factual and mathematical ability whereas the right brain, also known as analog brain, deals with the creative aspect of an individual. In this article, you will find some distinctive Right Brain characteristics.

Better visual skills: The right brain allows a person to have sharp visual skills. They are good in noticing the details and have a flair for art in its various styles like painting, carving, sketching, drawing and designing and so on. They have an eye for perfection and such people often like all their stuff to be well organized to look neat and tidy. Moreover, if you want to explain something to them, it is always better to draw or show about the topic rather than giving explanations.

Intuitive thought process: While the left brain analyzes the facts, the right brain is considered to process the intuitions or the sixth sense. So, next time when you have a strong intuition, remember your right brain is sending you the signal. Usually, the left brain works in deductive manner but the right brain characteristics allow a person to work in inductive manner. You might have seen some students who know the answer to a problem soon after you present the question but if you ask them about how they got the solution or to provide the steps that led to the answer, the reply will not be prompt. This is because of their intuitive thought process.

Holistic thinking: People with a dominant right brain like to flow with the wind. They are not the control freak types; rather believe in enjoying the life. They are the ones who like to live by virtues and measure the success by the journey and not the results. They are emotional beings and try to make the world a better place by spreading happiness around. Kindness, love, generosity are some of the right brain characteristics.