What is Tantra Massage?

A happy life needs diversity – it sounds as an axiom for our sexual life, too; but the problem is that we often do not have time or are too confused or restrained to make it varied. We often go to our bedrooms just to get our small piece of satisfaction without even apprehending how different it may have been! There are many ways to waken the erotic senses and one of them is an erotic massage. In its turn, there Whare many styles of erotic massage, but when speaking about Tantra Massage – maybe the most proverbial –  one should discriminate between it and a mere prelude to sex.

What is The Origin of Tantra Massage?

Tantra massage originates from the Hindu traditional esoteric doctrine and its Sanskrit name means “weave” and even has a more general meaning such as “an instrument” or “a method”. A significant characteristic of this doctrine is its consolidation of tantra ideas with tantra practices, where Indian traditions represent the imaginary threads interwoven into an everyday ritualism. Sexuality has been just a part of it, but an important one, as sex has been considered as one of the most natural ways to let the energy move through the body, so it can conjoin the deity.

What is Tantra Massage?

Tantra massage is based on the theory of Chakras – particular energy zones in the body – widely used in yoga and actually having little to do with a concept of “a magic way to stimulate genitals”. It is closer to an art of meditation between a masseuse and a recipient where the main aim is to relax and give pleasure. But it still may be accompanied with a great orgasmic sensation without even touching the sexual organs! Contrastingly, an experienced masseuse will find those special spots on your body through which it’ll be possible to break the physical boundaries between the bodies and forget about all life fuss.

How to Bring Your Tantra Massage to Perfection?

The essence of Tantra massage is in its educative nature and you should consider it as your personal way to enlighten yourself and improve your sensual life. Then it can’t always be a fast way and sometimes a number of massage sessions should be taken to feel a real bliss. Although it is possible to practice Tantra massage on your own, it may be crucial to make use of a professional masseuse in order to obtain a quicker and brighter result.

Tantra massage is a spiritual ritual for which everything – the ambiance, the scents, the sounds – plays an important role. Here are some tips on how to bring your Tantra massage session to perfection:

  1. There’s no pressure to orgasm. In Tantra massage not an orgasm is essential, but a mere pleasure from the procedure.
  2. Place preparations. Before you start you should prepare the place as it should encourage a feeling of safety and comfort. It’ll be a disaster if your neighbor starts to drill the wall during the session, so you should consider visiting a massage saloon where such problems do not exist.
  3. Sacred spot. Try to find your partner’s secret zones, massaging of which may wake their deepest senses and arouse a flaming pleasure in them.
  4. Massage Candles and Oil. Use them for body massage – it will increase the pleasure of touch. Both candles (that never burns your body) and non-staining oil are made of natural components and also have a pleasant flavor.

The list can be continued with a great number of rules, but you may simply entrust yourself into the hands of an expert and let them teach you from the very beginning. Sometimes the only thing you need is to book a holiday, say, in Paris, the capital of romance, and take the advantage of such companies as SweetTouch that provide, among other things, all the types of sensual massage including Tantra and do it perfectly well.