What is the Strongest Dose of CBD Vape Oil You Should Take?

CBD is something that is getting a lot of attention in the health and supplements world. CBD vape oil is useful for easing anxiety, promoting sports recovery and helping people to sleep better. Some enthusiasts even believe that it can help with weight loss.

The science behind CBD, however, is quite new. More research is needed before CBD can be ‘prescribed’ with medical precision. For now, people are relying on trial and error to know what to take and when.

There is no one ‘correct’ dose for CBD. What is optimal for one person could be sub-therapeutic for another. However, it is important to note that so far there have been no recorded overdoses on CBD. If you take ‘too much’ all that means is you are wasting money, the extra CBD does not appear to do any harm (but it doesn’t do any good either).

Working Out Your Dose

The best CBD dose depends on your needs, the concentration of the product (in mg) and the bodyweight of the person. As a general rule, a bigger, heavier person needs a bigger dose of CBD than a lighter person. It does appear that if you use CBD long-term you can develop a tolerance to it. This means that over time you may notice that you need to take bigger doses to achieve the same result.

If you are new to the world of CBD then you should start with a small dose and then work up if you feel that you’re not getting the effect that you want.

Another thing to take into account is bioavailability. When you’re taking CBD tinctures or edibles, your body can only process a small amount of the CBD, the rest passes through your digestive system without having any effect. CBD vape oil is more bio-available, so you absorb 40 to 50% of the oil, rather than less than 30% of it. This means that you can take a smaller dose and get the same effect.

If you’re taking CBD for pain relief, you should be aiming for a dose of 18mg to 45mg, depending on your body weight. Remember that this dose is the amount that you take in, so you may need to ae more than that. Remember that cartridges are usually labelled based on how much CBD they contain in total. To work out the amount of CBD you are taking in per puff, divide the amount of CBD in the cartridge by the number of puffs that it lasts for.

The figure you need to consider is the CBD that you take in over the course of a full day. Therapeutic doses are in the range of 12-50mg, but doses of 300mg or more are often used for epilepsy and other medical conditions. It would be hard to take in bigger doses than that from vaping alone for the average recreational user, so it’s fair to say that you do not need to worry about taking in too much CBD through vaping.