What Kind of Implants Should I Choose for My Breasts?

The term ‘boob job’ or breast augmentation in London, now no longer conjures an image of women with large, round busts. In fact, thanks to today’s medical advancements there is an expansive range of breast implants available today, which can help women achieve, proportional, natural-looking results with breast augmentation. With today’s world now learning to celebrate women of all shapes and sizes this shift in body positivity is much needed as we learn to feel good about our beautiful bodies and breasts of course. So let us now explore, what all is involved in picking out the right implants before you choose to go in for breast augmentation in London.

  • What Should I Choose – Round or Teardrop Implants?

  • Round Implant: Round implants are the classic implants that are used widely by surgeons for breast augmentation in London. Round shaped implants help you achieve a fullness in your breast in the top part and hence you achieve a more proportionate and curvaceous look. Round implants hence are the best for women who possess existing breast tissue and are looking to achieve a fuller look.

  • Teardrop/Anatomical Implant: The anatomical or ‘teardrop’ implant, tends to fill out more gently as it slopes from the breast towards the nipple. In terms of cost, teardrop implants are more expensive, owing to the natural look they provide by mimicking the natural shape of the breasts. Anatomical implants best suit those women, who lack breast tissue and would like more natural-looking breasts through breast augmentation in London.

  • Will My Implants Be Unders or Overs?

The decision of how your implants should be rests solely on your surgeon and how he assesses your implants should be. Over the muscle implants are less invasive, so under the muscle implants are generally opted for in case you have really small breasts or lack any breast tissue that would be to lock the implants in place. Over the muscle implants during breast augmentation in London, hence are more suited for women who have enough breast tissue to cover the implant, without actually being able to feel the firmness of the implant underneath. With an over the muscle implant, your surgeon will find it easier to fit the implant without having to venture too near to the muscle. There are cases wherein, the implants are inserted ‘dual plane’, or what you can call partially under the muscle. 
Generally, you will not be able to have much of a choice regarding how your implant should be placed during breast augmentation in London, it is really up to your surgeon to decide which method is the best for you. However, if you do have any concerns, you can always voice them inform of your surgeon and he can guide you better regarding the choice he made.

  • What Projection Type Will My Implants Be?

If you are still in the consultation phase of your breast augmentation in London and have been in talks with other women who have undergone the procedure, chances are that you must have heard the term ‘profile’ or ‘projection’ and must be wondering what it is. When one says ‘profile’ it refers to the width of the implant and the distance that the breast will end up sticking out of the chest. While having a consultation, your surgeon will show you a wide selection of implants with their projection/profile types such as – low, medium, full, extra full etc. and you will be able to try them for size and see how they suit your body the best.

  • How is the ‘CC’ Size of my Implants Decided Upon?


The size of the breast implants is actually not determined by the cup size it is rather measured by cubic centimetres or ‘cc’. This is done so, since a surgeon can’t really guarantee what size your cup size would be, post a breast augmentation in London, but what he can recommend is the amount of ‘cc’s to be added to your existing cup size, in order to make a difference. For example, if you’re a small ‘B’ cup size and want to go up to a ‘DD’, then you would have to roughly get 450 cc implants. As mentioned in the point above, your profile needs to be taken into consideration as well, before arriving at a conclusion. Other factors like your body shape, frame etc. will have to be taken into consideration before the final decision can be taken, which to be honest is a standard procedure for other cosmetic procedures like nose job in London etc.

  • What are Breast Implants Made of?

Most breast implants used for breast augmentation in London are made up of silicone gel. There are some cosmetic surgeons that do provide implants that are saline-based as well. Since each type has its own benefits, hence it is best to talk it out with our surgeon, before deciding on the ones that you want to opt for, for your procedure.

Apart from that most implants come with a lifetime guarantee, so whatever you do choose, your implants are reliable and in an even that they do rupture or any other complications arise, they shall be taken care of immediately with free product replacement. So for extra peace of mind regarding your breast augmentation in London, you should check your manufacturer’s guarantee as well.

Hope these points answered all your questions regarding your breast implants and will help you in making the right decision!