What Makes Singapore One of the Top Travel Destinations in the World?

Snuggled in Southeast Asia, the great Lion Capital or Singapore is one of the most sought-after travel destinations in the world. Famous amongst the tourists and popular travel-apps and travel bloggers, Singapore dishes out some mind-blowing things to see and do including the surreal theme parks, thrilling wildlife safaris, spectacular gardens to treat your sore eyes, and more that shall woo your heart and make you fall head over heels with the spellbinding city. 

Explore some of the marvelous experiences that you can bag in Singapore. 

Marvel at the Magical Beauty of Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay happens to be one of the city’s top destinations that have been gripping the attention of tourists from across the world. You can fancy the breathtaking sights of Gardens by The Bay from the Observation Deck of the Marina Bay. Choose to take a stroll across the place or opt to get some interesting Instagram-worthy snaps against the jaw-dropping backdrop. 

Key Attractions: 

The mesmerizing Supertree Grove, Cloud Forest Dome’s exclusive Tallest Indoor Waterfall in the world and the breathtaking Bay East Gardens.underwater-world-singapore-1024x736

Befriend a Shark at the Underwater World

The amusing Underwater World has evolved to become one of the ideal places for all nature lovers out there. The oceanarium shelters some 2500 sea creatures and animals belonging to over 250 species. The Underwater World is a unique experience altogether, owing to the interactions that you can do with the marine friends and learn about some interesting corals and other underwater creatures that you were otherwise unaware of.

Charters and Yachts have their own uniqueness. And so do the place you desire to sail. Santorini is a beautiful desired destination for the lovers of Catamarans on blue water. Catamaran Santorini in a class apart machine on the waters.

Key Attractions: 

You can choose to delve deep for a thrilling discovery dive with the great sharks or rather plan to swim with the adorable dolphins.

Interact with the Myriad Animals at the Singapore Zoo

Fancied as the best rainforest zoo in the world, the Singapore Zoo is one of the prime attractions of the city, that is often recommended by bloggers and famous backpackers. The zoo houses some cute orangutans, parakeets, energetic kangaroos, zebras, mole rats, a Komodo dragon, a classy white tiger and lots more. You can embark on a fun day out to the zoo with your relatives and friends.

Rejuvenate Your Soul at the Botanical Gardens

Of all the other major tourist attractions of Singapore, the Botanical Gardens helped Singapore secure a position in the nominations for the UNESCO World Heritage. A simple leisure stroll in the garden helps you to reinstate love for nature and fresh vibes of energy back into the soul. The Garden is home to some of the rich heritage of Singapore, which happens to be showcased most intriguingly, to let tourists soak in goodness and positivity besides making them yearn to stay there forever.

Key Attractions: 

Do not forget to pay a short visit to the beautiful Bonsai Garden, or take a walk by the Eco-Lake, National Orchid Garden, etc.


Breathe in Some Fresh Air at the Siloso Beach

The Siloso Beach promises some show-stopping celebrations around the New Year. Nestled in the island-city state, the beach is adorned by a line-up of restaurants that dish out exclusive sea-food platters and timeless bars where you can relish over some pegs. The beach churns out the kid in you, with its facility of warm waters where you can decide to take a dip and soak up some fun, or its beach umbrellas where you can recline back to finish the last pages of your novel while allowing your skin to absorb some Vitamin-D.

With so much to do and see in Singapore, the island-city could rapidly emerge as one of the best travel destinations in the world. Why wait for anything else then. Pack your suitcases, book one of the finest Singapore hotels online and get on-board for a fun-filled vacation at the most enthralling stopovers.