What makes the Role of the lawyer Important

The role of the lawyer has changed dramatically and is not limited to defense in court. He is a consulting professional who can put his skills at the service of everyone (individuals, companies, associations and public authorities).

The national city auto accident lawyer is an advisor who can prevent a dispute in accident claim and help you find amicable solutions. He accompanies you in the important moments of your life even outside of any litigation, any lawsuit: marriage, PACS, inheritance, divorce, professional life, etc.

As the law becomes more and more complex and more and more specialized, your lawyer will be able to guide you in carrying out your projects. He will inform you about the regulations in force and help you write the necessary correspondence with your contacts or partners.

Never forget that a simple advice can save you long procedures and thus save you a lot of time and money.

Act On Your Behalf

Are you a creditor and an individual owes you money or, on the contrary, are you in a difficult economic situation? Your lawyer will carry out all the necessary actions, amicable or legal, to recover the money which is owed to you or to find the solution to your problem (debt spreading, “personal bankruptcy”, civil receivership, etc.).

In the event of a claim, accident or conflict with your employer, he will inform you of your rights and help you with your procedures. He advises you on the remedies to be exercised and monitors your insurer’s compensation proposals to ensure that they comply with law and jurisprudence.

Write And Transact

The lawyer is also the privileged drafter of your contracts or agreements, for individuals as well as for companies. He can, for example, draft your housing leases or your employment contracts.


By his knowledge of the law and the procedures and the fact of the relationship of trust which is established between you and him, the lawyer remains your privileged interlocutor to defend your interests before all the courts, commissions and others, …

Consult a lawyer

The first meeting with your lawyer is an important moment during which the relationship of trust will be forged.


Maybe you have never been to a law firm?

The following remarks, but which are not exhaustive, will allow you to prepare for this interview, at best. The main purpose of your meeting with your lawyer is to explain your case to him so that he can advise you usefully on your rights, in the drafting of an act or on the chances of success of a lawsuit that you wish to initiate or which is committed against you. The easiest way to optimize the first meeting is to prepare it.

A protected title

The lawyer, having a central role in the world of justice, must be able to be identified as such, without ambiguity and in complete security.