What month is best to trim trees?

What month is best to trim trees? This is one question many home and business owners have asked themselves, and it can be quite difficult to know. The reason for this is that the growth patterns of your trees will often determine exactly when it is best to trim them.

The most important factor, of course, is what type of tree you have grown. While some trees such as a maple are naturally thicker and will grow more compacted over time, there are those such as a fruit tree or a flowering bonsai which are naturally denser and will spread out much more quickly. Knowing this will help you determine when it is best to make those final tree pruning decisions. If you’re unsure, then look at the way your trees have grown over the years and determine how they compare to the pattern you currently have in place. You can also ask a local expert if you are still unsure.

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One of the best methods of determining what month to trim your trees is to look at the pattern on the bark. A well established tree will have a bark that displays a growth pattern that resembles a spring growth ring. Trimming this growth ring will indicate to you the best time to trim your tree.

In addition, you will need to look at the direction each year that you will be trimming your trees. Most trees will grow in a certain direction during each calendar month. The direction that they grow in will often tell you when to trim your tree. So, if you see a tree with buds or leaves that appear to be facing away from you during certain months, then that’s the month to trim it.

One of the final considerations before trimming your trees is to look at the overall shape of the tree. Different shaped trees will grow better at different months. For example, a small tree with a tall, upright growth will grow better in the spring, and a dwarf pine with a very sloping trunk will do well in the winter months.

Once you have decided on the best month for trimming your trees, you will be ready to start trimming. Trimming should normally begin around one to two inches below the bark. You can use a pair of garden shears, or a simple pair of long scissors. Remember, however, to keep your hands safe and clean, so do not use any mechanical tools while trimming!