What To Consider Before Building A Pool In Your Backyard

Pool Cleaners is an important part of any swimming facility. In recent years new building technologies, new planning regulations and innovative architectural designs have made constructing a pool much more accessible and economical. As a result of these advances in building techniques and technology, the available space available for building a pool has become increasingly compressed. New construction methods, and updated planning regulations mean that pools can be constructed within the building and property boundaries to maximize the utilization of available space at Gulfstream Pools Design & Construction. Additionally it is possible to construct a smaller pool with higher levels of coverage, as compared to a pool several stories high. There are many attractive options available for pool design that will meet your requirements.

You will need to consider the available space when selecting the dimensions of your pool and the pool surrounds. The size of your pool can be influenced by the amount of natural light that will be available in the immediate vicinity. The amount of natural foliage and shade in the immediate vicinity will also influence the dimensions of your pool and its overall design. Paving is an essential component of any pool design, and you should check with your local authorities regarding any rules or regulations regarding installing paving around your swimming pool. You will require specialist paving skills to carry out this job.

Full perimeter paving around pools is often the most effective way to increase the safety of your pool area. It provides excellent visibility, reduces the risks of young children tripping over the edges of the pool and provides a solid finish for pool fencing. You can install full perimeter paving either completely around your pool or on either side of the pool if preferred. Paving can also be installed along the full perimeter of the pool, providing a softer surface and creating a more attractive overall effect.

As regards pool design, one of the most important decisions you will have to make is regarding the style of pool fence. You can opt for a traditional style retaining wall, or for a more contemporary design incorporating multiple gates and railings. Retaining walls are built from pre-fabricated panels, which can be designed to match your pool shape and size. If you are looking for a high level of privacy, then the bi-folding type of fence is recommended as its design provides an extremely high level of security.

Landscape lighting can be used to great effect around swimming pools and retaining walls. Low voltage landscape lighting is perfect for ensuring you can see to walk through the areas near the edge of the pool. Low voltage lighting will not create any UV lighting problems and is suitable for both night swimming pools and for daytime use near the pool. Low voltage landscape lighting is also easy to install and it is possible to buy kits containing all required accessories for a one-off installation. Landscape lighting can significantly enhance the beauty of your landscape and ensure your guests enjoy the ambiance of your garden.

Pool fencing can help to create an attractive enclosed area around the pool. A retaining wall is an excellent option as it provides additional security and provides a stunning effect. When choosing the type of fencing for your pool, bear in mind that the material used to construct your retaining wall must meet certain safety standards and that it should provide sufficient cover for you and your family.