What to Expect When You Undergo a Divorce Process with a Lawyer?

Essentially, a divorce process is a lawsuit that dissolves a marriage. It is a stressful event in anyone’s life in Singapore, or anywhere else in the world where it is legal. Disregarding the length of the marriage, whether it was long or short, it could be a painful experience for both parties, especially if they have children. Divorce procedures in Singapore can quickly escalate into a tiring battle that could leave them a devastating emotional and financial impact. More than that, the psychological consequences could stay with you and your family for years to come.

The good news is that there are ways that you can do to make this divorce procedure less stressful for you and your family. By allowing a divorce lawyer to stay with you throughout the process, guiding and assisting you with every stage, you could look back at this time as a hurdle you have to overcome to get you to a better place.

With a divorce lawyer by your side, here are some of the things that you could expect from them during this time:

Thorough preparation

Before the divorce procedure in Singapore can begin, the first task to do is to confirm if the court could have jurisdiction to hear proceedings for your divorce. They require that the parties must have been married for a minimum of 3 years in Singapore, and parties have to be domiciled in the country during the commencement of the divorce. Trust that your lawyer will help you prepare before the procedures commence. It includes:

  • Applications required by the court

There are specific documents that need to be filled out first before any proceedings start. Here are some divorce documents that your lawyer will help you get and fill out:

  1. Writ for Divorce
  2. Statement of Claim
  3. Statement of Facts
  4. Proposed Parenting Plan (or Agreed Parenting Plan, if both parties have already agreed)
  5. Proposed Matrimonial Property Plan (if parties own an HDB flat)

Maintain composure during court proceedings

When the divorce procedures start, the court will require statements from both parties about their relationship. It is what they call the trial process. At this time, the procedure may involve witnesses to participate, there would be more hearings, and ultimately there would be a final judgment by the court. It cannot be helped that you must restrain yourself when your spouse seems spiteful. For instance, they may take your parenting abilities as a problem, to which you might think is not true. An uncontrolled outburst in response will look bad to the judge of your case, so you must remain calm. Leave it to your lawyer to draw out the facts during cross-examination and on direct when it is your turn to state your claims.

Eliminate the toxicity of win or lose mindset

First and foremost, divorce is not a game that you should win. There are more important aspects that both parties should consider before they lash out onto each other because they think that it was the other person’s fault that they are having a divorce process. Both of you would be dealing with the future of your children. If they end up in a bad place due to both parties mishandling the divorce procedure, there would be no one else to blame but the parents. Thus, let your divorce lawyer help you approach this situation from a mindset that will allow both parties to work on lessening the emotional impact of the resolution to your children. If you have no children, let them help you recover from this without having a win or lose terminology!

How to Find a Reliable Lawyer

It would feel good to know that there is someone by your side during the lengthy process of divorce in Singapore. You need to have a support system composed of people you trust and rely on when things get tough. With a lawyer, you can trust that they would be one of the people who would always be there for you.

Here are some ways you could do to find a reliable divorce lawyer:

Ask your friends and family

The first-hand experience is something you should seek when assessing a lawyer’s capability. You should ask your friends and family if they could recommend some lawyers that they have worked within the past. Doing this will also keep your problems only known by your trusted circle.

Explore the internet

Divorce lawyers need to get clients as well, so they publicise their profiles where people can find them. It is a place none other than the internet. Hence, you could find a selection of well-reputed lawyers on some websites. However, you must ensure that you are talking with a licensed lawyer. Ask them for proof, or better yet, trust a reputable law firm that can provide you with an experienced one.

Join online forums

Forums are an opportunity for you to interact with people who have been in the same divorce situation. What is good about these types of platforms is that you do not have to reveal your identity when asking other people some recommendations or questions. Make sure that your message or question is clear so you do not divulge any information that could be used against you.

Choosing Lawyers from Lie Chin Chin

The lawyers at Lie Chin Chinrecognises the effect of a divorce process in Singapore to both parties, especially to the children. These trained and experienced professionals can help alleviate the stress by guiding and educating you through the process in a careful approach. With their expertise about divorce matters, you would have time to give yourself and your children some time to plan the future.

You may have an in-depth consultation with one of the divorce lawyers by contacting them on their website