What Will Happen To Offices After This Pandemic?

Speculations and theories are the two keywords when it comes to understanding what will happen after this pandemic. There are tons and tons of companies who are actively looking into what will be the future of their business flow in a post-COVID-19 world. The questions? “What will happen to our office environment after this pandemic?” “Is smart working the new normal?”. Let’s find out. 

Goodbye Shared Spaces 

With social distancing most likely being forced until a vaccine is fully available for the whole world, the first type of office spaces which will inevitably vanish is most definitely going to be the shared ones. WeWork has already announced how this pandemic has impacted their revenue and such negative figures are going to eventually grow even after the end of this quarantine. No one precisely knows how long this will last, so we can only speculate. 

Welcome To Your New Office: Your House 

A lot of tech businesses are cancelling their offices’ rent and moving their workforce to a full remote plan. A team of app developers in the UK has stated how, in fact, the world of technology will most likely move towards a fully remote business setup which will save the company a lot of money and will optimise the work-life balance of its employees. It’s very important to understand the fact that, within the software development world, there is no particular need for face-to-face interactions within teams, since everything could be easily achieved with platforms like Github and such. Now, whether if other business sectors will follow the tech industry on this matter, is complete speculation, but a potential scenario to take into consideration. 

Virtual HR 

If there’s, unfortunately, a sector which is being cut by companies, that’s definitely HR. The fact that everyone is pretty much in isolation simply forced companies to cut on hiring budgets and, therefore, resources. In the future, it is a possibility to take into consideration that HR will fully be moved to a virtual environment, where a single (or multiple) professionals will deal with queries and situations without physically being at the company. This seems pretty drastic but a lot of companies in Silicon Valley have adopted such a model. It’s safe to say that, even in case this will become reality, it will most likely just impact small to medium-sized businesses, as they are the ones who use HR the fewer number of times during the year.