What You Should Know Before Getting a Spray Tan

Professional tanning solutions are available for persons intending to have a spray-tan.

What to do before getting a spray tan

If you have not yet tried indoor tanning, here are some ways to prepare for it.

Prepare a week ahead of time

Before going for a spray tan, prepare your skin a week ahead so that your skin is moisturized and hydrated. Do a full shave and exfoliate before the tan. A smoother skin will make it easier to absorb the tan and the longer it will last too.

Don’t apply anything on the tanning day

When you are about to go to your tanning appointment, do not apply anything to your skin. No deodorant, moisturizer, or perfume must be applied on the day because this can prevent the tan from being absorbed on the skin and you will end up with patchy areas.

Wear appropriate clothes

Since tan can rub off easily after it is freshly applied, wear loose and dark clothes. Tight-fitting clothes can cause the freshly applied tan to rub off and lose the color faster.

Remove jewelry

Remove all jewelry before you start your spray tan because the parts with jewelry will look pale and leave lines. So be sure to remove the rings, bracelet, and necklaces before the start of the session.

Allow tan to settle

Tan needs eight hours to set in before you can shower. It is important that during the 8 hours, your skin does not get wet. Even a slight splash of water can make a mark on your skin.

How to choose a tanning professional

Tanning salons offer various services. If you are looking for specialize tanning solutions, here are some helpful tips:


The best way to find a good tanning salon is to find referrals.  You may know someone with the experience of visiting a tanning salon and ask for his opinion.

Visit a salon

If you have nobody to ask, another way to find a good tanning salon is to visit it. Check out their services and see them in action.


Different salons can offer various packages. You have to check your locality for the best salons that can offer you the best deal. Compare the prices and inquire about any differences and break-up of their prices. This can help you decide as you compare the various offers.


Check the level of sanitation in the salons you are planning to go. It is important to visit and see these salons for yourself before making the final decision. Sanitation is essential in every tanning salon. If the salon appears messy, do not even think about going there.

While it is true that you can do tanning at home, it is still different to let a professional do it. This is because they know better and can perform the tanning procedure smoothly. Doing it yourself might result in uneven application.

Professional tanning solutions can make your tanning experience a good one and you can get that bronzed look without the harmful rays of the sun.