When do you need Knoxville grease pumping?

If your sewer gets clogged up, it can become a major headache for you as well as the community. Most often sewers get clogged up due to grease buildup. In Knoxville, all food supply chains and establish means must have grease-control devices installed. This prevents grease from getting released into the sewer system. The presence of the excess amount of grease in the pipes tends to solidify the pipes and make them rock hard. This causes the build-up of clogs which can only be dealt by a plumber. Simply install a grease trap to prevent the grease from entering the sewers. The grease trap blocks the passage of substances like oil, grease and fats into the sewer lines. You can choose to install a grease trap near a specific fixture like the sink. Alternatively, you can also choose to install the grease trap right outside your establishment or property. However, your role does not end here. You need to keep the grease trap well maintained and regularly clean it to keep the plumbing system properly functioning.

If you notice that the wastewater is starting to get accumulated in the drain, this is an indication that the grease trap is not working. The grease trap may not be able to filter the grease in the oil causing them to clog your pipes. The following are the signs of grease trap malfunction.

  • Foul smell from your kitchen
  • Presence of grease in unusual areas
  • Slow-moving drainage system
  • You cannot remember when was the last time when you cleaned the grease trap

If you opt to go for the in-ground grease traps. These can hold more than 500 gallons of oil and grease. In case you need such a grease trap installed, you can contact Knoxville Grease Pumping.

In order to keep your grease trap well-functioning, you must clean it at least once every three months. However, if you want to keep the grease trap in pristine condition, you need to keep an eye on it. If you notice that your grease trap is filled with solids, grease, oil, or fat for over one-fourth of its region, you should understand that you need to call a plumber now.

If you notice that your drain is backing up, your grease trap is either damaged or needs to be replaced. At this point, you should call a professional plumber and get the grease trap checked.