Which Software Can Help To Recover My Data Back? EaseUS Great One 

It is unnecessary to stress the centrality of data recovery, yet it is important to underline the significance of finding a dependable data recovery software instrument. Here you will find ten best data recovery software for Windows and every little thing about them. You can download the top 1 data recovery software from EaseUS legitimately or pick one of them to get back your data right away. 

Data misfortune because of incidental erasure, organizing, OS crash, hard circle harm, and other surprising reasons happens now and again, which, in the greater part of the cases, will cause undesired problems somehow. That is when clients need to go to data recovery tools for help. At that point here comes the inquiry, ‘which software is the most proficient with regards to data recovery software?”. 


  • EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 


EaseUS has been centered around the field of data recovery for over ten years. What’s more, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is the result of the long stretches of exhausting work. With consistent development and advancement, EaseUS Data Recovery outranks other data recovery programs by its exceptional scanning pace, full and detailed scanning result, easy to use interface, and cost-viability and turns into the best data recovery software for Windows. The audit from SoftwareHow proves that it’s not exaggerated. Moreover, the free release empowers clients to recover 2GB of data at no cost, which settles on it the ideal decision for data recovery when the lost files are under 2GB. 


  • Searches for erased/lost record by extension or name 
  • Sorts out photos by classification (individuals/creature/building/others) 
  • Distinguishes the source gadget of erased/lost photos/videos 
  • Channels the results by classification 

Reviews the files 

3-Step data recovery: 

Select the location > start the scanning procedure > recover files. 

Step by step instructions to recover data with the best data recovery software: 

Stage 1. Select a location and start scanning. 

Dispatch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, drift on the segment where you lost data, at that point click “Scan”. 

Stage 2. Review and select the files. 

Wait until the scanning finishes. On the off chance that you need to double-tap the thing to see the document, at that point select the data you endeavor to recover. 

Stage 3. Recover lost data. 

Click “Recover”, pick a location to save the recovered data, at that point click “alright”. You should store the data in another spot rather than the first one. 


  • Recover My Files 


Recover My Files is a dependable data recovery software that is exclusively perfect with Windows. The focus makes it probably the best datum recovery software for Windows clients. With its specialization, Recover My Files can help clients recover erased/lost files decisively by distinguishing files by their extension or date. 


  • Scans the backup (picture record) of a segment 
  • Sorts out files by date 
  • Alters the design of the saw items 

5-Step data recovery: 

Select to recover files or a drive > select a drive > pick the mode > scan the segment > select files to recover. 

Price: $69.95 (Standard), $99.95 (Professional) 

Supported operating system: Windows 64bit/32bit 

Supported gadgets: Hard drives, camera cards, USBs, Zip drives, floppy circles, iPods, and other media 

Supported record framework: NTFS, FAT 12/16/32, exFAT, HFS, HFS+ 

Supported files: Documents, photos, videos, music, and messages