Why bookkeeping is important for your business

Bookkeeping is crucial in any business, yet many of them don’t take it seriously. Gain, as a business person, you’re under obligation by law to keep such records and books.

Poor bookkeeping is the main reason why businesses fail.  Without your business records, it just means you are doing business blindly, and even when you go at a loss, you may not realize until it is too late.

Read this article and find out why you need to focus on proper bookkeeping.


  • It helps in budgeting.


When your business income and expenses are perfectly organized, it is easier to review your business resources and liabilities. The budget is the roadmap for your business. When you have a budget, you can anticipate the future expenses and prepare the resources that would cover them.


  • Tax preparation


Whether you live in the US or any other country, you’ll be required to give file your tax return every year. Even with such knowledge, most business owners wait for the year-end to begin scrambling for the lost and missing paperwork. Does that sound familiar? Bookkeeping will make the process easy for you.  You will also need bookkeeping for your tax returns. You are the business owner, and a big chunk of your income comes from the business, right? Therefore for you to know how much you’ve earned, you have to know your business earnings.  With proper bookkeeping, you’ll have all your financial information in a central place.


  • Helps you get organized


Every business owner should be organized for them to succeed. You should be able to trace any information related to your business at any time. Several parties may be interested in your business from time to time, like IRS, customers, suppliers, investors, and lenders. Lenders will only advance loans or overdrafts to businesses that have done proper bookkeeping. On the other hand, the IRS could penalize you if you don’t provide the records as requested. If you are disorganized, then be sure you have very few meaningful business relationships. Who wants to deal with a disorderly person anyway?


  • A tool for analysis


Business analysts will use books of account to determine the performance of the business. Financial statements are produced from books of accounts, and these should be regularly generated for analysis. It is also a perfect tool that tells you which business lines are working and which ones are not.


  • For better decision making


Proper analysis leads to better decision making. Bookkeeping ensures that you have the relevant business information at the right time. You can use the information to make critical business decisions that would propel your business to the next level.


  • Easy reporting to investors


The investors have entrusted you with their resources, and all they need is value for money. Bookkeeping gives you the right financial standing, and you know at the end of the trading period, how much the business has made the profit before and after-tax. Thus you can easily decide on the payment of dividends and such.

Bookkeeping is necessary for the current investors and others who want to invest in a viable business. Who wants to invest in a business where the owner cannot tell their financial position at a given time? Talk to the right financial consultants like Karl Schranz and let them help you in proper bookkeeping so that your business prospers.