Why do a lot of repetition in difficult exercises at Oxandrolone cycle?

Many of you have probably noticed in training the annual program for gaining muscle mass approaches with a large number of repetitions in complex movements – squats, deadlifts and some others. These exercises are not simple in themselves and can do a lot of trouble without any approaches for 20 repetitions, such as shortness of breath and profuse sweating. So there is nothing surprising in the fact that they often ask me: “Smirnov, why?!”.

Asked – we answer.

To begin with, in most cases this is really not necessary. Multiple sets have a lot of minuses.


  1. Multiple sets are very traumatic

The more repetitions you do, the greater the abrasive load on the working muscles and components of the working joints. If you overdo it – pipets! It’s like bending a credit card from side to side: sooner or later it will crack. In addition, as we approach the end of the set, increasing fatigue impairs control of the projectile and its own body. Hence, possible violations of technology and even falls – and this is almost always an injury.

  1. Multiple sets degrade speed abilities

You, perhaps, consider that it is not so important for you, but in vain. The speed of the projectile is the most important component of the final power result when trying to set a new personal record. And in multi-repeat sets, the longer you work, the slower each repeat becomes. Sooner or later, this causes the body to adapt accordingly and that’s it: you’re slower than your own grandmother.

  1. Multiple sets overload the central nervous system

And sometimes stronger than the “one-time” approach. If the exercise is heavy, the working weight in it is also rather big, then the body needs incredible efforts, overcoming nausea, hypoxia and burning sensation in all conceivable and inconceivable working muscles, do it again and again. As a rule, you will do 2-3 of these approaches – and you don’t want to do anything else. And the training, if it is to continue, is exclusively “on the teeth”. And then, most likely, it will be unproductive.

Nevertheless, multiple sets have at least the same number of advantages, the use of which easily covers the disadvantages mentioned above.


  1. Multiple Set Improves RPT

The level of physical fitness and the final result in the area you are interested in – the development of strength with Oxandrolone 5mg for Sale is endurance, fat burning and hypertrophy – are tightly connected. The better you are developed in general, the more successful you will become in something specially developed. And the ability to make heavy and technically difficult movements over and over, such as squats with a barbell on the back, and even with solid weight, is more than an objective indicator of a good level of general physical fitness.

  1. Multiple sets help improve technology

In sports, a similar approach has been used for a very long time. In a training session, an athlete (usually suddenly!) May be asked to first run a cross and make a set of simple but exhausting strength exercises and only then ask to perform a complex set of formal exercises (kata, tulle, tao-lu, etc.), twist somersaults, or what there, even do a bench press.

As a result, despite the fatigue, and in many ways, thanks to it, the level of technical skill of the athlete suddenly improves markedly. This “all of a sudden” happens because our body, very tired, reflexively rejects the mistakes that the athlete has learned in ordinary training. Just because they are not optimal and not needed to make the exercise right. Errors are unnecessary movements, unnecessary millimeters, they only interfere with bringing the set to the end. The same thing happens when performing approaches of 15, 20 or more repetitions.

  1. Repeat set trains patience

Patience is perhaps the most important quality for an athlete, even if he is not an athlete at all, but just runs in the morning. Success in a conceived business does not come suddenly and not immediately. Sometimes he has to wait for years, and often he is given into his hands only through pain and serious suffering. Moreover, this rule works not only and not so much in sports, it is much more relevant for ordinary life. My first coach often asked his students: “If you are not able to control and defeat your own body, how will you manage your life ?!”

So do a lot of repetitions, at least sometimes. This is useful!