Why do so many people like to watch Korean dramas?

For a long time, people around me and many netizens have been very repulsive from watching Korean TV dramas. They think it’s all about love and love. There is nothing special about it. It’s not like being so addicted to Korean TV dramas. A manifestation of patriotism.

Because most of the Korean TV dramas are girls, of course there are boys, but a relatively small number, so this question is especially a question that many boys will ask, and there are quite a few boys who are very repulsive and have never known it before. But people keep slandering Korean dramas and slandering people who watched Korean dramas.

Let me talk about the reason

The satisfaction of fantasy

This is why the majority of girls ดูซีรี่ย์เกาหลี. Because most girls are very emotional and have a big obsession with romance, and when they are in love at the beginning, or when they start to yearn for love, the romantic plots and beautiful pictures in Korean dramas will make girls get fantasies in this. Psychological satisfaction, this feeling of satisfaction will increase the sensibility and romance of girls, so that they will be more yearning and hopeful for love.

The power of healing

Everyone knows that idol dramas are a bit detached from reality, whether they are set up or plot, but although there is a big gap with reality, you can’t deny that it brings others a beautiful and warm feeling. Because reality is still cruel, many people use Korean dramas to get healed, keep the most beautiful and softest part of their hearts in their shape, and tell them to always be full of hope.

The hard power of the quality of Korean dramas

Although saying this makes people feel a bit unpatriotic, why not go to see the mainland when there are so many film and television works in China? In fact, if you get to the stage of a veteran Korean drama fan, you will deeply appreciate the gap between mainland film and television works and Korean dramas.

Compare from the following aspects

In terms of themes, there are relatively few types of themes in Mainland China, the theme is slow to update, not novel, and not creative enough. Korean dramas have relatively more themes. Realistic themes, such as “My Uncle”, are very realistic themes. But in the Mainland, this kind of realistic themes for analyzing the lowest-level phenomena in society are basically not found. In terms of plot, the plots of mainland Chinese film and television works are not particularly creative, and the routines are still the same, with no major changes. On the contrary, the plots of Korean dramas will make you feel unexpected and bring greater surprises.

From a conceptual point of view, most of the movies and TV dramas in mainland China start from the traditional etiquette culture, moral culture, these very positive things, but often after the filming, after the broadcast, it will always be the main part of other gimmicks. , The cultural output is not particularly obvious, so in comparison, domestic movies will be much better. Korean dramas mostly use the relationship between people as a medium in conception, and then spread the trust between people, sincerity, and the beautiful things in the world, family love “please answer 1988”, friendship, love, career, workplace. Although most of them are based on love, what it should express is the same as what it wants to say will not fall behind.