Why Eco-firewood Is the Most Suitable Alternative of Natural Hardwood?

Forests were in abundance a century ago until population explosion started eliminating natural resources gradually. As per the current times, we are cutting down trees at an alarming rate which is going to become a major reason for our own destruction. A major portion of trees is sliced down only for meeting the need for fuel. Even the destructions like recent wildfire of Amazone forests killing trees at an alarming rate. If we don’t harness this destruction, greenery will surely extinct after a century. The main question is, what can be utilized as an alternative to natural firewood in Sydney and all around the world? Its answer is hidden in biodegradable waste that can be a great fuel but sadly decomposes without optimum utilization. In this article, we are going to discuss on eco-firewood that is going to become the only alternative of natural firewood. 

What is eco-firewood?

If you consider hardwood of trees as the only source of fuel to build fire, it’s time to change the perception. It is a bitter truth that we destroy most of the forests to utilize the land for agriculture. This agricultural land produces crops to meet the need for food. However, the entire plant is not our food. After harvesting, a huge quantity of waste mater remains behind in the fiends that we recognize as paddy & wheat straw etc. Generally, farmers store some of the waste as cattle feed and burn the rest of it in their fields. This waste material releases a lot of smoke and heat intensity is also low. However, it can be a great alternative to firewood after processing. The high compression machines process this waste material into various shapes like bricks, logs & pellets. Along with agricultural waste, they also include sawdust from sawmills. Some merchants of firewood for sale near you must be supplying this alternative but we hesitate to buy because of the lack of proper knowledge. In the points below, you will come to know about some interesting features of eco-firewood. 

Most convincing reasons to prefer eco-firewood 

  1. Good consistency with high flame

What do you look in a stock of hardwood for sale? Obviously its burning intensity. All of us search for hard firewood because it produces high calorific value heat & burns consistently for a long time. What if you can get all these features in eco-firewood? After compressing the biodegradable waste material, it attains properties similar to hardwood like Ironbark or Redgum. Once it starts burning, the flame produces great amount of heat. 

  1. Less smoke 

As compared to most of the firewood variants, eco-firewood releases less very less amount of smoke. You can utilize it to serve various purposes from the indoor fireplace to outdoor camping. 

  1. No need for seasoning 

The stock of natural wood for sale near you most be well-seasoned before burning. In many cases, you get moist wood that produces less flame and high level of smoke even it belongs to a good quality tree. Some firewood sellers also mix different kinds of woods in a cord that we cannot recognize. In the case of eco-firewood, you will get equal quality consistency in all units.  

From tiny pellets to huge cylindrical logs, eco-firewood is available in all shapes & sizes. They are ideal for burning everywhere and contribute a lot in saving our precious forests. When you search for firewood next time, it is advisable to go with an eco-friendly option.