Why Elders Should Consider Purchasing Geriatric Glove

In today’s world with technology advancing, one may expect there would be something good to protect personal hygiene health. While there may be some out on the market, the truth is that nothing works better than protective gloves. Geriatric gloves come in handy especially for the senior citizens who might not be able to work something more complex than a simple glove. Geriatric gloves serve many benefits for the elderly, which is why all should consider buying.

Geriatric gloves can protect an elderly person from contracting and spreading germs. Many gloves on the market are reusable and can be washed. Most bacteria and diseases are spread through the absence of hand hygiene. Elders are more at risk when contaminated with infection or virus. With the presence of Covid-19, it is crucial for elderly’s to take as much precaution as possible.

Another benefit of using geriatric gloves is if a person is living with dementia. Dementia can be challenging for the individual and their family. Families sometimes don’t understand the best way to help their loved ones who are suffering. Geratric gloves can be used as “twiddle mitts’ ‘ that can help with restlessness or frustration. The gloves can also prevent those who are at risk of injuring themselves or removing IVs or catheters.

Elder’s who struggle with arthritis can also benefit from purchasing Geriatric gloves. Arthritis tends to flare up particularly on colder days. Keeping elderly’s hands warm via gloves would trap in heat which helps with aching joint pain. Additionally, the compression is known to increase circulation, thereby improving inflammation. According to Therapeutic Advances in Musculoskeletal Disease, those who used geriatric gloves reported improvements in pain, stiffness, and swelling.

Dr. Brad has curated the perfect gloves through his new online store called DigitSock. He believes that geriatric gloves are the future of hand hygiene. With silver-threaded yarn technology a barrier is formed. The gloves provide compression that are functional for everyday use. DigitSock enables people to perform all their activities of daily living, or work responsibilities with a simple pair of gloves. Dr. Brad’s gloves are environmentally friendly, and decrease spending and draining paper towels, clean water, and chemical-heavy soap.

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Benefits of Geriatric gloves