Why ERP Software Is Important in 2021?

ERP is a business process management software that manages and integrates day-to-day business activities, such as financial, procurement, production, project, human resource, and other activities.

Using an ERP system helps you budget, plan, predict, and report your organisation’s financial status results so your management can make a better, more informed decision for the company’s future.

Here are the reasons why ERP software is so important in Malaysia.

  1. Save more money

Whether you are from the sales or finance department, you can access all the necessary tools specific to your job scope from one centralised ERP system.

Not only can you utilise your time more effectively, but you also don’t even have to hunt down a piece of information through multiple systems. Plus, it will be a lot easier to retrieve that information when needed with a central database.

  1. Improved productivity

Imagine all the time you will be wasting if you’re still using the old-fashioned way to look for information. Tedious tasks such as generating reports, processing orders, or tracking employee timesheets will take forever to accomplish, causing low morale and posing a risk to human errors.

Using the right solution like an ERP system can eliminate the redundant tasks and free up more of your time so you can focus on other value-adding tasks.

  1. Happier customers

Your customers are the best advocates of your brand and business. The best way to improve customer satisfaction is to provide client-centered goods and services. A customer relationship management (CRM) tool can easily be integrated into an ERP so you can have access to their data to understand their wants and needs.

With this information in a central system, it’s easier to formulate a more comprehensive sales strategy for increased lead generation.

  1. Agile report generation

Your business evolves overtime as new threats and opportunities arise. Many ERP software has a query or report generator tool. Suppose you need to make an informed business decision, you can easily extract data catering to meet your business needs.

  1. Achieve operational efficiency

As businesses expand their operations, managing supply chain management (SCM) processes becomes more difficult.

Instead of relying on separate systems to manage SCM and other key business operations, an ERP system easily consolidates them into a single dashboard.

Bottom line

A lot of businesses begin to realise the fierce competition, especially during an economic downturn. Using manual or outdated methods will only get your business left behind. If others are using automation, why haven’t you?

Using an ERP system helps simplify complex operations, increase efficiency, save costs, and more importantly, your customers will be more satisfied. With careful research and thoughtful consideration, you will start seeing the benefits of using ERP software.