Why HubSpot Customer Objects Are needed?

Previously, HubSpot would support four standard CRM objects. This includes companies, contacts, tickets and deals. However, during the late 2020, a new kind of object came to being. This object, also known as the custom object, was used for a variety of purposes. HubSpot Custom Objects were mainly used for the enterprise users with the thought that the users will be able to organize all their adrita and carry out their business transactions in a better way

What is going to happen in case the company data does not fall into any of the available categories? In such cases, custom objects are the ultimate solution for you. Using custom objects, you will easily be able to store your data in HubSpot making it easier for you to carry out all your operations.

When do you use hubspot custom objects?

HubSpot custom objects are mainly used if the data does not fall into the category of companies, contacts, tickets or deals. Here are a few cases when you may be required to use HubSpot custom objects:

Segmenting non-standard data: If you wish to segment the non-standard data depending on various business requirements, you can make use of custom objects. This will help you to map out the data within your portal itself. This is going to make it really easy for you to manage your data. You will also be able to gain valuable insights from your data quickly and easily.

Gathering the required information from customers: If you have ever asked your customers different questions, custom objects will serve themselves to be really useful. Using custom objects, you will be able to map the answers to the questions accordingly. You can then make use of the data to send personalized emails to the customers. This is going to help you maintain better workflow and you will also be able to obtain valuable statistics from it.

Creating an ER diagram: An ER diagram is basically a diagram that shows the relationship between various entities that are stored in the database. These entities can have numerous characteristics that can be used to define the properties. Using your ER diagram, you will again be able to group your data in a systematic way. This again is going to be really helpful for your business.

And this is what HubSpot custom objects are all about. For further details on how to use these custom objects, you may connect with us.