Why Industrial-Grade Components Are Critical For Embedded Computing 

In today’s technologically advanced age, embedded computing is becoming increasingly common in numerous industries. Embedded computers are found in all kinds of different devices, inching smartphones, smart TVs, infotainment systems, medical devices, IoT sensors, and much more. Embedded computing involves integrating a computer into a device or machine, often for a specific purpose, which means that they are quite different from regular PCs and laptops. Unlike these regular devices, you will find that it is important that industrial-grade components are used. This post will examine why you need to use industrial-grade components for embedded computing and how this will improve performance levels.

Harsh Environments

One of the primary reasons industrial-grade components are so important for embedded computing is that these computers are often used in harsh environments, including factories and plants. These industrial settings can see computers and equipment exposed to extreme temperatures, heavy vibrations, and mechanical stress. When you have components that are industrial-grade, they will be able to withstand these harsh environments, unlike the components used in consumer-grade devices.

Reliability & Longevity

Equipment with embedded computers is often a critical part of a business operation, meaning performance issues can be costly, disruptive, and even dangerous for workers. With the use of industrial-grade components, the equipment is much more reliable and will be up to the task of operating effectively and safely in an industrial setting. Additionally, these components will last a lot longer than consumer-grade components, meaning that the equipment will have a long lifespan and not need replacing frequently (a major cost and headache for businesses). 


Another reason why embedded computers will utilize industrial-grade components is the fact that there are customization options. Embedded industrial computing suppliers like things-embedded.com can provide custom engineering solutions, which means that businesses can get embedded computing solutions built specifically for their operations. This can improve efficiency and productivity while ensuring that the equipment is up to the task. Products can include useful features like waterproof monitors, touchscreen monitors, and medical displays, as a few examples. Every business will have different needs when it comes to embedded computing solutions, so it is important to find a company that can build equipment specifically for your needs using industrial-grade components. 


Industrial environments have strict regulations and safety requirements, meaning businesses must take these very seriously. Industrial-grade components will be built specifically to meet safety standards, meaning companies can rest assured knowing that they are compliant with their embedded computing products. 


Similarly, industrial-grade components will often utilize additional security features. With cybercrime being a fast-growing issue, especially in industrial settings, it is vital that organizations have strong measures in place to prevent cyber-attacks and data breaches. This cannot be missed out. 

These are the main reasons why industrial-grade components must be used in embedded computing. Embedded computing is common in many industries these days, but often consumer-grade components will not be up to the task. Industrial-grade components can withstand harsh environments, improve performance, last longer, and provide businesses with important protection and peace of mind.