Why is a Berkey Pro Care Maintenance kit important?

Cleaning a berkey water filter is important for many reasons. The first, and most important reason is that it prolongs the life of the filter. After time, sediment can build up in the filters and strainers of your unit rendering them less effective and requiring cleaning.  You can buy a Berkey Pro Care Maintenance kit from USA Berkey Filters.


Cleaning also improves filtration. Without regular cleaning, particles can build up on the filter and cause it to allow unwanted particles to pass through into your drinking water. Since not all of us have access to high-quality drinking water, this is especially crucial for those who are depending on their Berkey for pure drinking water.

Health risks associated with impurities

In addition to increasing filtration capabilities, cleaning your Berkey also reduces health risks. If you are using a contaminated Berkey, you are at risk of ingesting harmful bacteria or microorganisms that could cause illness or disease. By regularly cleaning your filter and properly maintaining it, you can reduce this risk significantly.

Costs associated with replacement filters

Another benefit to cleaning your filter regularly is that it prolongs the life of your unit and its filters. By reducing the amount of sediment that builds up on the unit, you reduce the frequency with which you need to replace filters and screens in your unit.

Over time, your Berkey water filter may become clogged with sediments. This can reduce the effectiveness of the filter in removing contaminants from the water you drink. To ensure that you are drinking clean and pure water, it is important to clean your Berkey water filter on a regular basis.

Treatment of water using a filtration system is one of the best methods to remove undesirable impurities present in your tap and bottled water. The common type of filters available in the market are:

The activated carbon filters – These filters contain carbon granules which are alkaline in nature and hence they help in neutralizing acidic compounds in water.

The reverse osmosis filters – They are mainly used for removing large number of dissolved solids from the water.

How to clean a Berkey Water Filter?

The cleaning process depends on the type of filter and model that you have for your Berkey Water Filter. Below are some simple guidelines for cleaning your Berkey Water Filter:

If you have a standard sized Black Berkey Purification Elements, you will have to disassemble it by taking off its lid before cleaning it. Empty the Black Berkey Purification Elements by removing the spigot at the top and draining all its contents into another container.

Over time, the filters in your Berkey water filter will filter out dust and dirt, which must be cleaned out every six months to maintain optimum water purity. Some Berkey owners report they started having mold issues after cleaning their filters with any methods other than those recommended by Black Berkey.

Cleaning your Berkey filter regularly is a critical step in the maintenance of the system. How often you have to clean it depends on how many people are using the unit and the hardness of your local tap water.