Why is it popular?

In the circle of people who like Japanese manga, most likely have known ” Dojin “, some may have read. Or have bought and read it again. But for those who do not know and would like to know what Do Jin is, and may be wondering why the cartoon is famous, but why the lines are not original. So today we’re going to expand on the word “Do Jin” so that everyone can get to know each other better.

What is doujin

Doujinshi or doujin is a type of cartoon that is drawn and written by yourself. Or may be published by themselves without relying on large publishers to publish and are sold only in small groups, such as in cosplay events, cartoons, and various

Do Jin has both original and self-made stories. But the genre is widely popular. It appears to be a genre composed with a ference that comes from a famous cartoon, which is very famous, a lot of people know a lot, the more people like it, and there will always be Do Jin’s works. And will be distributed into many forms

Doujin is copyright infringement?

If it’s legal, it’s wrong. Because of cartoon characters and various cartoons that are used to make them are considered copyrighted by the authors, companies and publishers. While most of them are commercially traded Slotxo, but most are rarely condoned.

Because if Do Jin in that story gets a very good response. It will also help to increase the popularity of the original manga. Because it will help to show the popularity of that cartoon. Make the original cartoon sell more sales as well.

Type of doujin

By writing the doujin is independent. Most writers tend to write in parody. There is a story that has been written by itself. Or change the story at all. Will be used to decorate the line of love Or maybe matching characters of the same sex? Called the line (Y or Yaoi men love men) and (Yuri women love woen) or another line.

Which this genre is very popular is Hentai genre, dizzy, rated EPICWIN, which these genres can’t be read from the original manga, but the doujin is written by someone. And produced to keep track of the genre, do-jin, cartoon, porn, it will be talked about and there is a lot of production coming out. Probably because of those cartoon fans. Would like to see a cartoon character that I like in that ange. Which helps create fun and entertainment for us as well as the original cartoons.

Popularity of doujin

Do Jin, many things, most of them will be translated from “Japanese” because in the industry of people who like to อ่านการ์ตูนโป๊, the broad range of manga originates from the country of origin, but do-jin is actually not just Japanese. But many different languages are there around the world.

For example, a country that is very obsessed with Japanese cartoons, namely France, also has works that have been hit by Jin as well, both fan art and from fans, quite a bit. In Thailand, there are also groups of people who love this kind of cartoons to sell them as well.

But in the distribution of Do Jin, most of them are pre-ordered. In order to get a certain amount of products before printing it is not sold in large quantities like the original manga, and the sales volume depends on the reputation and skill of the artist himself. If you have a beautiful picture there is an interesting story. It will be very popular. A lot of people buy works.