Why partner with a human resources company specialized in Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)?

The core pillar of any type of business (technology or non-technology) is the people or the employees associated with the business. Hence, companies take the utmost care to hire candidates that not only have the right skill sets but also have the right attitude towards work. A lot of effort is put to ensure that there are no misfits since it costs a lot to the organization to fill the same position with a person with the right skills & attitude.

The onus of identifying and hiring the right kind of people does not lie alone with the HR but every people involved in the screening & interviewing process. Hiring an in-house HR team to manage every function in the hiring process is neither economical not scalable as HR executives may have less work when they are not involved in hiring. A more scalable model is partnering with the right human resource company that can facilitate hiring and co-work with the in-house HR to scale the teams.

Organizations can partner with smaller placement consultants but there is not enough ROI. Hence, organizations opt for the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) model where they partner with agencies with proven expertise in providing RPO services. Recruitment Process Outsourcing can only be used for hiring& onboarding the right talent but can also be used for technology sourcing. By using RPO, organizations manage to keep the HR team leaner.

By utilizing human resources outsourcing services from a leader like ManpowerGroup, organizations can formulate a more efficient & streamlined recruitment process and onboard quality talent with lesser effort. The other notable advantages of using RPO are reduced time to hire and yielding greater predictability of cost.

As the members of the RPO provider works with the HR team, they support the organization in building the best HR practices as they have immense experience working with different clientele. Since no two companies are alike; RPO provider collaborates with different stakeholders like HR, leadership management, other key decision-makers, etc. from within the organization to learn about the culture, understand the business, and partnering in the hiring process.

RPO solutions have to be customized for every company hence it is essential to partner with the best else recruitment process outsourcing will not yield the best results. While shortlisting an RPO provider, you should have a detailed look at the services being provided and the list of clients serviced by them. If your organization is a large-scale organization it makes no sense to partner with human resource consulting company that has provided RPO services only to startups. That HR consulting company might not be able to understand or meet your hiring demands.

Many placement companies are now trying to become RPO providers but their team does not have the right skill set to play that role. Resume screening, interviews, Hiring, and on-boarding are not disjoint activities hence, it is wise to partner with a human resource company like ManpowerGroup that has an immense level of experience & expertise.

With the advent of the internet, mobile, and advanced technologies; the world of recruitment has undergone a massive change and Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a step in the right direction. Organizations need to evaluate human resource consulting companies from different angles as it can impact the overall growth!