Why Setting Out in Building Construction is Important

Setting out is building is important to define the outline of the building, to determine the centerline of the building walls, and the outline of the excavation. This is important so that construction can go according to a plan.

Set-out Surveys

This is a very important survey and must be done before any construction work is undertaken.

Set-out surveys simply mean that the building design is followed by builders during construction. During which, key points are established and then guides are set for the building process and ensure accuracy.

There are more setting out surveys required if you have a bigger project such as a high rise building.

The importance of setting out surveys

These surveys are vital in any construction because by having set-out surveys, the construction can be done within the legal boundary so that there will be no disputes later on.

The construction team will be able to build as planned because everything is already laid out.

When do you need set-out surveys?

Every time you are building anything, no matter how small or big, even if it is an extension, surveys are required. Building roads, tunnels, and bridges will also require surveys.

Setting Out a Building

While setting out a building, there must be no machines or other hazardous substances at the site. There should also be levelling and preparing the land for construction or landscaping. Site clearance is important to keep everyone on the site safe.

Before starting on a building, secure the plans and drawing. This will give you an idea of how your building will look like after it is complete.

The structural plan will help you measure the width, depth, and exact point of the foundation. Structural plan can also provide insight about walls and column.

Choosing the right company for set out survey

Set-out surveys must be done accurately. There is no room for errors. How do you choose the company that can provide you with a quality setting out? For more information, visit Complete Survey Solutions.

Below are some tips that can help you out:

Read about the company

Do your homework and practice due diligence if you are planning to hire a company’s services. Some companies have been in the industry for quite some time and they are experienced too.

Customer feedback

The best form of marketing is through the word of mouth. It can either make or break you. Check out what other people are saying about the company that you are planning to work with.


This plays a vital role in decision making. Expensive rates do not necessarily mean that they are good enough just as cheap rates do not mean poor quality. However, choose a good company instead of considering a budget.

Customer support

There can be times that things do not go as planned. A good company will be one where you can talk to someone in case a problem arises.

Residential or commercial?

This is also another thing to consider. There may be companies that specialize only on a residential or a commercial project.