Why Should I Seek Medical Weight Loss?

Obesity can affect you regardless of gender or race. Two-thirds of Americans are either overweight or obese. A Vienna VA weight loss specialist can help if you have tried to shed weight without success. You can get long-lasting results from medical weight loss programs at Nova Physician Wellness Center. Below are the reasons why medical weight loss can be an ideal choice for you.  

You Have Tried to Lose Weight on Your Own

Losing weight on your own can be an uphill task. As it is, losing weight is not an easy thing, and even more challenging when you lack the expert knowledge possessed by professionally trained personnel.

Your provider can help achieve your fitness goals if you have attempted this without success. Funny enough, some people who try to lose weight without professional assistance end up gaining while some record success for a short time. Supervised weight loss helps change the equation to your advantage. 

You Live With Health Conditions That are Impacted by Weight

Being overweight can negatively impact your health. Obesity predisposes you to conditions including type 2 diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, and high cholesterol. Medical weight loss can improve your health so that you live a longer, more satisfying life if you suffer from any of these conditions.

The team at Nova Physician Wellness Center carefully monitors and offers guidance using safe and effective methods. Your weight-related condition significantly improves with every pound of weight lost.   

Medical Weight Loss has no Guesswork

When trying to lose weight on your own, you use a lot of guesswork, which makes things become tilted against you from the start. Working with a weight loss expert ensures you are doing the right thing every time. You lose weight safely and fast since your specialist is using methods that have been tried and tested. Your weight loss plan is based on the results of your medical tests and body composition assessments.

No Substitute for Professional Support

The benefits of professional support cannot be equated to mobile devices’ use to track calories or counting points. You are never alone in your fitness quest when relying on professional guidance from Dr. Rohit Suri. This is a significant advantage since you get dietary counseling and answer your questions to help lose weight.

Dr. Rohit Suri may suggest a change in exercise regimen and diet when your results seem to be stagnating or you encounter a challenge with a component in the program. Having a medical professional by your side in your weight loss journey can transform your experience.

You Have Access to the Right Tools

When you choose a medical weight loss plan, this gives you access to tools that will help you navigate over the challenges that might present themselves on the way. 

There is more to weight loss than calories. You have to have the right resources and support to achieve lasting results. Schedule a consultation with your experienced doctor to learn how medical weight loss can help you.