Why You Should Board and Train your Dog

If you live in Chicago and feel the need to get out for a long vacation, but are worried about being away from your dogs, then a board and train program may be the answer to your worries. Through a board and train program, your dog will learn basic obedience skills along with supplemented training to address any other behavioral issues.

You may be looking for an easy way to train your dog quickly and don’t have the time or skills to do so. Advertisements can be very flashy with appealing descriptions about how the dog trainer will take care of everything. These programs are effective, but do they really work? Let’s examine how board and train works, the benefits, and what they entail.

Below are some reasons why you should board and train your dog while you are away.

Basic Training

Training is the most popular service. Dogs who board and train are taught basic commands like sit down and heel. Behavior issues are often addressed. Dogs are taught to stop jumping, pull on the leash, run out of the door, and counter-surf. Trainers may add some tricks such as leave it, drop it, and other commands to help dogs. Board and training is a great way to give the dog as much time as possible to work on these things.

Behavior Modification

Board and train centers can also help with aggression, anxiety, and other problematic behaviors. The dog will be exposed to the stimulus that the dog reacts to, but at a lower intensity (under the threshold) during their stay. Different behavior modification techniques are used to modify the dog’s behavior (desensitization or counter-conditioning, Behavior Adjustment Training, etc.). Not all methods are effective. Some trainers may resort to flooding or other methods that could temporarily fix the problem or aggravate it. To get quick results, some trainers resort to shock collars or choke collars. This is wrong!

So you’re in Chicago, but you want to fly out for the week to enjoy that much-needed vacation. If you don’t know who to leave your dogs with, then you should look into a board and train facility! There are many board and train facilities in Chicago, so be sure to find the right fit for you. It’s a win-win really. You get a vacation, and your dog learns some new tricks!

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