Why You Should Rollover Your 401k To A Gold IRA

401(K) is a great way to save up for retirement, each month a predetermined portion of your pay check goes directly into your 401(K) and you get to choose how to invest your savings to create exponentially increasing returns over time. Everything sounds good except for one thing and that is the risk of loss. Like any other investment, savings in your 401(K) that are invested into mutual funds or any other investment option are susceptible to loss in case of a financial crisis. We simply have to look back almost a decade at the 2008 financial crisis when some people lost up to 50% of their retirement savings. Although on average almost 20% savings were lost but when we look at a case by case basis we see that some people lost up to 50% o their savings and had to continue working even well into their 70s to make up for the losses they suffered in the financial crisis.

How The Abolishment Of The Gold Standard Paved The Way For The Gold IRA

It is for this reason that many people are not looking at Gold IRA accounts to save their retirement savings from being wiped out in the case of the next financial crisis, which seems to be around the corner. If we study global economy then we can see a clear trend of a significant financial meltdown in each decade. There was a financial crisis in the 60s and then when President Nixon silently abolished the gold standard in the early 70s, the world fell into an economic crisis and it took almost a whole decade to recover from it. The 80s also saw another financial crisis albeit smaller in scale. The 90s saw a financial crisis particularly in Asia, many Asian markets reduced in size and companies like Samsung were severely affected by it. Then there was a major crisis in 2008 which we all know about and since then the world economy has failed to recover.

Economies across the globe adopted a deficit spending approach to counter the losses of the financial crisis and since then we can see that many economies have slashed their interest rates. Be it New Zealand, United Kingdom or United States, almost every country has very low interest rates to boost investment spending and keep the economy afloat. This begs the question, what happens when slashing interest rates will no longer work? Will the deficit keep on growing or will there be a point at which this bubble will burst like the sub-prime mortgage bubble of 2008?

What Gold IRA will do is that it will firstly provide you with far more investment options than you are currently exposed to in your traditional 401(K) account, secondly and most importantly your 401(K) does not allow investment into precious metals and this is a drawback because precious metals like gold are the only investment options that can protect your savings even when the world economy crashes to the ground. Gold IRA will allow you the freedom to invest your savings or o portion of your savings into precious metals so that even in case of a financial crisis you will not have anything to worry about.

How Is It That Precious Metals Like Gold Can Protect Your Savings?

In order to understand this we must first understand what precious metals are. Gold for example is a precious metal, it does not naturally occur on earth, instead it came to earth during the early stages of the formation of earth. Gold in reality is star dust. This article is about Gold IRAs so we really cannot go into detail of how gold is formed. Briefly speaking, gold is formed when a kilonova occurs, when two big stars explode spewing out heavy elements like gold and scattering them into the universe. The gold we have came from such explosions millions of years ago. This makes gold rare.

What Makes Gold So Valuable?

In addition to being rare, gold is also very valuable. It is highly demanded in the industry. Gold is used in the chipsets of mobile phones, computers and other electronic items. NASA is also experimenting with gold solar sails for the much awaited James Webb telescope. Gold is also highly in demand for jewelry particular in the eastern cultures where gold is a part of culture and is not only seen as a status symbol but also as an instrument to pass down family wealth through generations.

This makes gold valuable, very valuable indeed. Therefore the value of gold comes from its rarity and value. These two factors give gold its intrinsic value, which means that no matter what happens, gold can never touch zero. Your paper currency or fiat currency can become worthless. We have seen that in case of hyper inflation currency loses all of its value but gold retains its value come what may.

Why Precious Metals Will Be Valuable Even During A Financial Crash

Even if the current financial system completely crashes down, even then precious metals will remain valuable because before the current financial system the world had gold and silver based currencies. In addition to this gold has an inversely proportional relation with the dollar. Whenever the dollar weakens, gold strengthens and in the last twenty years dollar has been gradually weakening thus making gold more and more valuable and expensive.

Due to these properties, if you keep your savings in the form of gold then you will not have to worry about losing your savings in a financial crash ever again. In addition to being protected from economic upheavals you will also be investing your savings into an investment instrument that only increases in value over time. According to a rough estimate gold has increased by over 400% in value in the last two decades. This means that if you had invested $50,000 into gold over 2 decades ago then today that would be worth almost $200,000!

This is why people choose the Gold IRA and rollover their retirement savings from their 401(K) accounts into Gold IRA.