Why You Should Seek Help From an Optician to Correct Vision Problems

Nowadays, you can easily order glasses online after obtaining a prescription from your eye doctor. While ordering online might look convenient, it is a dangerous move to make because your doctor will not be near you to check if the glasses are right for you. That means if it does not suit your needs, the only option you will have is to return it. That back and forth cycle of ordering and returning your order can affect your vision. Fortunately, a Jacksonville glasses professional at Wolchok Eye Associates, PA, can prescribe and recommend vision restoration therapy to improve your quality of life.

The advantages of picking your glasses from your doctor in person

You have the option of sending someone to collect eyeglasses on your behalf, but the decision to do that comes with dire consequences. Apart from not getting the right fit, your eye doctor might not know if the lenses will realign correctly with your eyes. Here are some reasons why you need to pick your glasses from your doctor’s office:

  1. To ascertain if the prescribed glasses are the perfect fit

Before your eye doctor prescribes a specific eyeglass for you, they will first measure your face. Your doctor expects you to come after a few days or weeks to pick your glasses. In between this period, your face could gain or lose volume. When you come in person, your optician can make minor adjustments to your glasses to ensure they are the perfect fit for your face. Choosing to send someone else to pick glasses on your behalf might hinder your optician’s chances of seeing if they fit correctly.

  1. To determine if the prescribed glasses match your vision needs

Vision problems vary from person to person. Some people are short-sighted, while others are long-sighted. There are glasses to correct each type of problem. Before your optician prescribes your glasses, they will first conduct eye tests. It is only after diagnosing your eye problem that they can design a specific eyeglass for you. Before you pick your glass, your optician will conduct tests on your eyes for the second time to determine if the lenses will match your needs.

  1. To check if the lenses align with the eyes correctly

During your consultation, your eye doctor will perform tests to determine your pupillary distance. It helps to know if the lens aligns with the center of the pupil. Your optician wants to ensure that the center of your lens works hand-in-hand with the center of your pupil.

See an optician to prescribe the correct glasses

Having vision problems can be devastating, but it gets better when you are in the hands of an eye professional. Once your doctor identifies your eye problem, they can tailor a suitable eyeglass to correct it. If, for any reason, you do not have time to pick your glasses, ask your optician to reschedule your visit instead of asking someone else to do it on your behalf. To learn more about the types of prescription glasses, call your optician to schedule your appointment.