You Are Addict to Handbags? You Should Know Different Types of Handbags

There are lots of different types of handbags around the world and many people want to collect them every time the latest series comes out. You may also possess many handbags inside your closet and use it for different purposes. 

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Once you understand the category of the bag so that it will be easy to find a new bag based on their category. You will be able to mix and match your style every day by using different types of it. This knowledge will also be useful for those of you who are starting to work in fashion design. Here it is, you are going to know about the types of it by reading this article:

Shoulder Bag

You like to carry a big bag with a large space to keep many things so that you need a shoulder bag. This type of handbag has many variants and different brands have their own series. If you want to look gorgeous while shopping, so you will need a shoulder bag. You can carry the shopping items in this bag.


Every woman who works has a satchel type bag. Almost every brand releases a variant of this type and there is a lot of sweet designs and colors nowadays. Regular satchel bags are designed to fit a lot of basic items related to the office, especially laptops and gadgets. You don’t have to bring two bags whenever you want to go to the office.


The bag that people usually wear when attending a party is a clutch. These bags are all mini-sized and usually have designs that look glamorous and elegant. People who use this should be able to decide what is important and not to carry, because the bag space is very small. You only can bring your smartphone, lipstick, and perfume commonly.

Sling Bag

Your hobby is traveling or shopping so that you will need a handbag with the type of sling bag. This bag can be used as a multi-functional bag. It has a chic and medium size in the design. You can use it when you hang out together with your friend too.


If you are a person who loves bags and has a myriad of collections, then you definitely have a Minaudiere. This bag has a very glamorous design because the outside is fitted with gems, pearls, or colored stones. This is perfect for attending weddings and other parties. The size of this bag is also usually small, similar to the size of the clutch.


You also need to know that clutch is not included in the category of bags with the smallest size. The bag with the smallest size is a wristlet. This bag is similar to a wallet that has a strap. When using it, you can only read a few bills, credit cards, and smartphones. It cannot carry a lot of goods using this one bag.

Bracelet Bag

The last type of handbag that is very unique is a bracelet bag that people use around the wrist area. There is a handle in the form of a bracelet with a large size and when used will look chic. This bag also usually has a small storage capacity rather than satchel and shoulder bag.