Unlike standard single pane windows, double-glazed windows have always been considered a safe investment. After all, breaking multiple sheets of glasses is much harder than breaking one. Apart from adding security to homes, windows made of multiple layers of toughened or laminated glass are also sound-proof. The air gap in-between the panes act as noise barriers.

This added layer of insulation also gives these windows additional thermal resistance. The amount of heat energy that escapes the home during winter months is minimal. Double glazing also creates the opposite effect in summer months – unwanted heat doesn’t enter the home.

These multiple benefits compel homeowners to consider installing double glazed windows seriously. Here’s what homeowners can expect after installing these windows –

Energy Bill Savings –

Rooms stay cool during the summer and warm during the winter months. Hence, homeowners aren’t forced to use air conditioners or heaters throughout the year constantly. They use far fewer electricity thanks to these windows.

Quieter Meals –

Thick double-glazed windows prevent sound pollution from entering homes. People residing in noisy areas such as airport regions or homes next to stadiums will love this feature.

Health Boost –

Double glazing also decreases condensation during rainy seasons. Excessive condensation leads to mould formation, which is extremely unhealthy.

Security Boost –

As double-glazed windows improve the safety levels of houses, homeowners are likelier to get more favourable insurance deals.

Aesthetic Boost –

Not only do these windows look good, but they also make the existing pieces of furniture in the house, and other décor items look better over time as they aren’t exposed to excessive heat, humidity, or wind. Installing these windows is an indirect way of protecting a home’s interiors.

Higher Resale Value –

These aforementioned advantages accumulate to make the homes more valuable. That’s why homeowners who plan to sell their homes install these windows right before listing their properties.

What To Be Wary Of –

Sealed double glazing offers a lot of benefits only when installed correctly. Before investing in double-glazed windows, homeowners need to consider these details –

Make Sure The Amount Of Space Between The Panes Is Optimal –

Typically, the spaces between double-glazed panes range from ten to twenty millimetres. A space of twelve to fifteen millimetres is a must if homeowners want optimum thermal performances. This amount of space will also be good enough to give rooms decent sound-proofing qualities and acoustic control. Anything less than twelve to fifteen millimetres amplifies the incidence of heat transfer. Anything more than twelve to fifteen millimetres creates convection within the panes.

Ask The Installer To Add Low-conductivity Gasses –

The normal air trapped in the spaces between the panes is sealed and hence acts as a natural insulator. While this air can limit the transfer of cold/hot air into your home, thermal performance is the best when space is occupied by gasses with low conductivity properties (e.g., argon). Homeowners must ask installers to insert inert and low conductivity gasses into these spaces.

Use Low-Emissivity Glasses –

Low-emissivity glasses make these windows more energy-efficient and sound-proof.