10 Antique Greek Status for Your Home

Greek statues are historical, unique, and timeless. Most of the surviving ancient greek sculptures dated back to as late as 1500 BC. They were made in bronze and wood and few in other metals. There are pieces of evidence that artworks in those days were inspired by the belief in the sacred nature of the human form. Hence, most statues are modeled after human shape, whether they are statues of humans or gods.

It is not uncommon for the ancient greek artists to paint or mold nude bodies of their gods. You can also Greek statues of heroes on horses or with great weapons. They are a reflection of the belief, practices, and culture of the people of those days. However, that was about 3000 years ago, and both art and decoration have changed now. Notwithstanding, there is still good demand for the antique greek statuses for home decoration.

But how can ancient arts be blended with contemporary home design? This article will look at ten great Greek statues and how you can use them to beautify your modern home.

The Motya Charioteer

Motya Charioteer was a bronze statue molded around 350 BC. It reflects the beauty of the human body. It consists of a young man in tight wear that reveals all his shape. Motya Charioteer might not be up for sale, but you can get a similar statue.

Bust of Michelangelo’s David

The Bust of Michelangelo’s David statue is similar to the Motya Charioteer. It is made of bronze and reveals the beauty of a young man. It can fit perfectly on a central table of a modern home or at a corner in the sitting room.

The Nude Zeus and

The nude Zeus was found in the sea and is believed to have been molded around 470 BC. Zeus is the lord of Olympus and one of the most respected gods of ancient greek. The powerful god was depicted in human form and was molded with bronze, completely naked.

Life-Size Apollo God

If you love this gigantic sculpture, you can go for the Life-sized Apollo god statue. This is another full-size nude image of Apollo, another ancient Greek god. It is molded in bronze and plated with copper and gold. Its base is made of marble. This 59 inches structure will look beautiful in the corner of your sitting room.

Mask of Agamemnon

This golden mask is believed to be cast around 3500 years ago and worn by the Greek king, Agamemnon. It was discovered in 1876 and is certainly among the oldest ancient sculptures found.

Statue of Apollo

There are many statue ideas from the Mask of Agamemnon that you can use to decorate your home. Among them is the Statute of Apollo. This bronze statue of the Greek god is 24.4 inches in height and 15.74 inches wide. It consists only of the head of Apollo stationed on a small base. Its origin dates back to 300 BC. You can place it on your center table or your dining table.

The Siren Vase

The siren Vase was probably cast around 480 BC. It was reported in the popular Greek literature, Homer’s Odyssey, as a vase producing seductive sirens that can lure people to their deaths. It is a cylindrical vase and one of the most decorated ancient greek works.

Apollo Statue Head Planter

If you are inspired by the idea of a Greek vase, then you will also like the Apollo Statue Head Planter. This is a statue of Apollo’s head, but the hollow space of the head has been modified to a flower vase. This 7.5 inches statue can be placed anywhere in a modern home for decoration.

Marble Metope

Marble metope was carved around 447 BC. It depicts humans and the centaur at war. It was an indication of how the ancient greek artists expressed conflicts and violence.

Cupid Statue

This is a bronze sculpture of a young boy with a bow and arrow depicting conflict and violence. It is made with resin and available in different colors. This small size warrior will look beautiful in a modern home. This Greek art piece’s origin can be traced back to 480 BC.

Get Modern Day Greek statues

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