10 Interior Design Tips For Your Home

There is one key to making your house feel like a home, and that’s interior design. Whether you’ve lived in your house for a few weeks or a few decades, it’s never too late to spice up the layout! Interior design is crucial if you want to give your home a distinct, personal style that will set your house apart from others on the block. It’s also a great way to optimize each room for functionality and express yourself creatively! Rather than following the cookie-cutter layout of every modern household, take the initiative to transform your home into a place that you adore. Below are ten interior design tips to help you reinvent your home!

Use Complementary Colors

Incorporate complementary colors into your design to give any space dimension. Complementary colors are two colors opposite each other on the color wheel – red and green, purple and yellow, etc. These contrasting tones create a vibrant focal point that instantly adds energy to a room. For example, if you want to add brightness throughout your living room, try painting the walls yellow and the trim purple.

Avoid Cliches

While cliches sometimes prove popular for a reason – stripes, for example – try to avoid using them in your interior design schemes. The most common cliche is the “pink room,” where the bedroom is painted a brightish pink. This pattern creates an outdated and dated theme and provides little to no personalization. Instead, try incorporating more creative schemes like painting the walls in your favorite color or pattern, or even painting a picture of something you love or treasure in your room!

Add Lots of Artwork

The space we call home should be an oasis of inspiration and creativity. Instead of being limited by architectural limitations and a tiny budget, embrace your artistic side and fill rooms with artful objects. Diversify your collection of art with works from different artists and genres so that each room feels unique.

Utilize Natural Light

Every inch of your home should be utilized to the fullest, which means putting as much natural light into your living space as possible. Sky lights (ceiling lights) are a great way to increase natural sunlight. Soften harsh angles with large pieces of artwork and lamps that display pretty, round bulbs. You may also want to install track lighting in certain areas of the house!

Decorate Your Ceiling

Don’t underestimate the ceiling in your home. A room set up with extreme proportions – like placing furniture against one side of a wall and the ceiling on the other – is an eyesore that could do far more harm than good! The best way to use your ceiling is to cover it with gorgeous art or accent lights.

Mix and Match

As with most things, interior design is all about balance. This can mean using the same exact color or pattern throughout your home (as long as they’re complimentary), or mixing and matching various styles and objects to create a cohesive design. For example, use a chevron-patterned rug to complement an artfully decorated wall or add a lamp with a flowery base to add character to each room.

Add Accents

Nothing creates ambiance in a room like accessories! Adding accents that are beautifully designed, complementary, and/or meaningful will add personality to your space while complimenting the aesthetics of your home.

Display Your Collections

Whether you’re a collector of antiques, comic books, or small trinkets, displaying your collections in your home is a great way to showcase your personality. Make sure to display items that feel right in each room; for example, display collectible dishes in the kitchen rather than the living room.

Hang Plants and Flowers

Plants and flowers are part of nature – and nature is beautiful. Using plants and flowers in your interior design scheme is a great way to add some color and life into each room. Not only that, but plants and flowers also help purify the air in any room!

Create Storage Opportunites

The more storage you have in your home, the easier it will be to keep things clean and organized. Create storage opportunities by adding bookshelves to living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms. You may also want to add hidden compartments or cabinets in your closets!

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