10 Perfect Gifts for Any Occasion

Custom Do Not Cost Many $$$

Though receiving gifts of any kind can already bring about a great feeling. However, there’s something extra thoughtful about a customized gift. You might think that finding gifts for your loved ones that are: a) unique and personal, b) useful, and c) not insanely expensive can be an impossible task. Owning or giving something with a personal touch doesn’t always mean you have to spend tons of money.

There are tons of stores and online shops where you can get personalised gifts scattered all over Singapore. You can get an assortment of items that can be perfect for any occasion and any of your loved ones.

The Best Gifts to Give

Christmas and New Year are around the corner and everyone is scrambling to find the perfect gift to give everyone. Monogrammed, custom made or personalised in many other ways, gifts show your recipient that you care enough to get them something unique to their own. Whether it’s as small as a keychain, as elaborate as sound waves etched into a plank of wood or a guitar pick, there are many kinds of gifts you can choose. Between handmade, monogrammed or personalised in some way, here are few gift ideas you can buy for your loved ones.

1. Personal Sky Map

Personal sky maps are great personal gifts that represent a memorable day in a person’s life. The map of the night sky shows which constellations are in position at your chosen location on a specific date. It makes a beautiful gift because of its celestial image and the emotional message it provides. You can get the image etched on a wood plank, on canvas, framed–with quotes, names or personal messages that complement the composition.

2. Fan Gear

Whether you are giving it to a young child or a young-at-heart baseball fan, this is a kind of gift that will surely be loved. Superfans feel something special about having their last name on a shirt celebrating their favourite team, officially licensed or not. You can get one from an MLB or NBA store. But if you want to go all-out, buying a t shirt and printing your design through a Singapore printer is another way to go.

3. Personalised Mug

Customized mugs from a trusted Singapore shop are perfect for anyone and everyone that you cherish. You may be one of those people that have a huge family or a very social person with a big circle of friends. Mugs are one of the most affordable gifts you can get. They fit anyone and everyone, may they be your dad, your co-worker, whether they are a coffee drinker or not.

4. Custom Accessories &Jewellery

Yes, jewellery can be an expensive gift to get everyone a pair. However, there are a few small stores, especially online, where you can order custom jewellery. You can get them a pendant or an ID bracelet etched with a one of a kind quote, a memorable date, or their initials. Tennis bracelets are also amazing choices. You can add unique charms for every milestone or memory you want to remember. You can also design your pendant, ring or earrings to make it even more special for the wearer.


5. Custom Pet Portrait

Everyone has that one friend who has a dog or a cat they consider their child. Pet portraits are slowly becoming more and more popular, especially for pet parents. Get a photo of their pet and have it painted, etched, embroidered or made into digital art. You can add quotes and messages or keep them simple with just the pet’s name etched, printed or painted. You can even have fun and go around town shooting pet portraits with your friends for an even more meaningful photo. It is a funny or quirky way of showing that you care for both the subject and the receiver.

6. Custom Serving Sets

You can get your grandmother, your mom or that friend of yours who loves to host parties a customized set of trays and coasters for when they next host a get-together. Help your mom or grandmother to celebrate their favourite vacation spot, their childhood home or their ancestral town etched on a wooden set. You can even make it funny with quotes or inside jokes unique to your family or circle of friends. These kinds of customized sets are perfect gifts for Singapore residents away from their homes.

7. One-of-a-Kind Shoes

Many brands offer shoe customisation. It makes for a unique pair that showcases the wearer’s personality. You can customise every part of the shoe with photos, colours, cartoon characters, animals or their name painted or embroidered on the shoe. Of course, it depends on the material of the footwear. It is also a gift you can present to anyone. You can get your footwear from your favourite shoe brand or bring it to a shop that offers shoe customisation services.

8. Personalised Bag or Pouch

Nowadays, you can personalise anything from a bag to a small pouch. Get a monogrammed bag to congratulate someone for getting their dream job. You can also get a laptop bag or pouch with their name on it to commemorate their first day of work. A customized pouch is a great Christmas present for everyone as it is a functional item. They can use it to store makeup or as a toiletry bag for their essentials when they travel. No matter what you decide, it will be something they will carry around and put to its full use.

9. Custom Keychain

There are many different ways you can personalise a keychain. Get a unique insignia etched on it. Your kids’ doodles can also be engraved on it or have it made to say a name or a memorable date. It can be a perfect reminder for anyone that you love them. This is one of the most customized kinds of gifts for anyone in and out of Singapore.

10. Printed Socks

One of the most common gifts anyone has ever gotten is a good pair of socks. So, why not make it more quirky and unique by having a set customized with cute pictures. Most people that get custom socks have funny pictures of themselves or their pets printed on them. Part fun, part functional, anyone who receives it can have a laugh whenever they see or wear them.

Get Your customized Gifts Now!

Customising items are a perfect way for you to give unique gifts for any occasion. Nowadays, shops can customise various items according to your specifications. You can choose from the many that have opened inside or outside Singapore. Art Serve is a shop that you can contact for customized gifts you can get in Singapore.