10 Things To Never Say To An Auto Accident Lawyer

Accidents happen, and when damage is involved, hiring an attorney is the best way to protect your rights and ensure the best outcome for your case. This is true regardless of whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant.

When it comes to auto accidents, hiring the right auto accident lawyer is only half the battle. What you say to your lawyer and how well you work together can make or break your case in court. That’s why lawyers often wince when they hear their clients say something that could hurt their case.

Did you ever wonder what phrases are the ones lawyers never want to hear from their client? These phrases below are the worst offenders you can say.

  1. “So, this accident was really all my fault.” Admitting fault to your accident can make it difficult for lawyers to stick to their oath to tell the whole truth during a case, especially when it comes to criminal matters. Even if you do believe you are at fault, openly admitting it is not a good look.An admission of guilt, especially on record, can negate an otherwise perfect case. If there’s one thing you should never do, it’s to admit guilt when you know you’re not guilty or without your lawyer telling you to.
  1. “I was driving without a license or insurance.” Auto accidents that involve people who aren’t legally allowed to drive are often open and shut cases–and not in the favor of the defendant.On a similar note, admission to drunk diving usually makes the case extremely difficult to win. If you have a criminal matter that shows fault, most attorneys will not take you as a plaintiff in a personal injury case.
  1. “I left the scene of the accident.” You won’t find many personal injury attorneys who will be open to taking a case from a defendant that left the scene of the accident. In fact, it’s one of the fastest ways to make attorneys avoid going to court and suggest settling.Technically, this type of case may not just be a personal injury defense. Hit and run cases almost never, if ever, go in favor of the defendant who didn’t bother to stay at the scene to the accident.
  2. “Maybe I should go to court on my own…” Trying to be your own lawyer is never a wise idea. It takes years to understand the legal system, and you might actually end up hurting your case more than you help it.Even if it seems like a basic case, it’s crucial to have the right representation when you’re in court. Laws surrounding car accidents are extremely complex and easy for people without the proper training to misinterpret, which is why this is one type of lawsuit that no one should do pro se.
  1. “Doctors are expensive, so I decided to try to treat my own injuries first.” You can’t actually file a car accident injury case without proof that you were injured by a car accident. You get that proof by going to a hospital immediately after the accident occurs or at least getting a police report of an injury.Getting your body checked out by medical professionals is not a step you can skip if you want to sue for bodily harm after a car accident. It’s not unusual to hear of an auto accident lawyer turn down a case based on a lack of medical records related to the crash.
  1. “Okay, I will be honest. I was trying to get hit by a car in order to get cash. Can you help me?” This is one of the worst things that a lawyer can hear and is a serious transgression of the law. Technically, this is a form of fraud that can land you in jail if you’re caught doing it. Any lawyer worth his degree will refuse to work with someone who admits to this.
  1. “There’s no police report associated with the accident.” If you plan to litigate, a police report from the accident is a must. It basically lays out the very foundation of your claim and legitimizes the event in the eyes of the law. Without a police report, the entire accident turns into a “he said/she said” matter that is difficult to work out in court.
  1. “I spoke with the other guy’s insurance company and I agreed to some of his statements.” Insurance companies are adept at getting people to admit to facts that can weaken cases against them. Depending on what you agree to, you could seriously harm your ability to win your case.If an insurance company calls you to get a statement or to get you to agree to a statement, don’t do it without having a lawyer present. Talking with your lawyer first is the best way to ensure that you don’t misrepresent yourself.
  1. “I know that the insurance company is trying to lowball me, but I really want to accept their settlement.” Insurance companies typically operate by lowballing victims and dragging out claims in hopes of wearing them down in order to accept the payment they’re offering. Don’t fall for it!Before you accept an offer, talk to a lawyer to see how strong your case is. You might be surprised to hear how good your case is for a higher claim… and how easy it could be to handle it in court.
  1. “After I was hit, I lost my cool with the other driver.” Being angry with a driver after a car accident is often warranted, but that doesn’t mean that acting out in rage is the smart thing to do. Doing something like shouting, threatening, or worse, hitting the other driver can quickly get your personal injury case thrown out.Truth be told, hearing about a client who got violent with a defendant is an auto accident lawyer’s worst nightmare. After all, it’s hard to defend someone whose actions make it clear that their personal judgment isn’t what it should be.