10 zombie survival rules

There are usually 10 rules which are originally published in the zombie survival guide which is written by max brooks, the author of world war z.

It is a thing to laugh at if someone dies in a zombie attack. According to max brooks, it is true to say. A small preparation and you can go a long way. ZIB is a zombie survival blog about practical advice without getting afraid of recognizing the ridiculousness. Why we all terrorized by zombies when natural disasters are more dangerous and cause human life threats. At ZIB, you will be prepared for a zombie attack. Well, nobody is must aware of the illogicality and realities of zombie survival. Here, we are mentioning the top 10 lessons you can learn about survival from a zombie attack.

  • Organize yourself before zombies come into action.
  • Don’t be afraid when they are not.
  • Cut off their heads while using yours.
  • Blades don’t work, go for reloading.
  • Wear tight clothes and short hair for ideal protection.
  • Use the staircase to destroy them.
  • Don’t drive a car, get onto a bike.
  • Try to move constantly, keep low, don’t make noise, and be alert.
  • If you are thinking some places are safe, you are wrong.
  • A zombie may vanish, but the threats are still there.

So, what is your thought about this list?

Zombie survival is tough, but if we are fully prepared then it will not be that much difficult to survive. Because it is better to be prepare than sorry. It is required you to have an emergency kit ready all-time in your house. It generally includes water, food, and all other kinds of survival suppliers needed for a couple of days or until you locate a zombie-free zone.

Once you are done with this, sit with your family and bring up an emergency plan. Note that, this plan can also be used at the time of natural disasters. Hence, you must identify the emergencies and try to get prepared as much as you can.

It is not at all like that anywhere you can roam after the start of an apocalypse, but there are somewhere you can find shelter. So, think wisely and stay calm you keep you and your family alive.