11 Cool Things To Have In Your Man Cave (Or Give To Those Who’s Building One)

Listen up, ladies and gents. We’re giving you a list of the cool mancave gifts that any man would love to have in their private space. Consider this your handy dandy cheat sheet for all the upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays to come.

If you’re a lady who never knows what to get for her man or if you’re a guy who hates shopping at malls, this list is all you need to make gift giving quick and easy. All these items are perfect gift ideas or just things that are useful and great to have around.

Here are 11 cool things to have in your man cave.

Shot glasses

Monogrammed or personalized shot glasses make great mancave gifts for the whiskey connoisseur. You can support their hobby without having to spend a lot on the whiskey blend itself. Bonus points for versatility because it can be used for a number of other cocktails.

Beer mug

Any guy can have the Oktoberfest feel without leaving their house if you give them beer mugs as mancave gifts. A proper beer mug can withstand cold temperatures when you chill them in the freezer. Slap his name on the mug and enjoy the smile on his face.

Pilsner glass

Pilsner glasses are good mancave gifts, especially for guys who make their brews at home. There’s no better way to appreciate the aroma and appearance of a craft beer.

Brew growler

Growlers are also helpful to have in a mancave, especially if your guy likes to do marathon video game streams. This way, his drink is always nearby, and it’s kept nice and cool for a long time.

Personalized sign

Instead of painting a door and spending hours on a DIY project, just order a personalized slate with your guy’s name on it. You can even design it in the colors that he loves without having to go to a store.

Wall art

Man caves are like pubs, bars, and garages: they still need a bit of art to make things look more exciting and personal. Give them personalized wall art as mancave gifts, so they have a focal point in the room.

Set of coasters

Not only will it feel cool to have their name on coasters, but these items will also prevent ring marks on the table. It’s a nice thing to keep in mind, especially if you’re gift-giving on a budget.

Whiskey decanter

Any distinguished gentleman will appreciate a decanter that bears his name. These are perfect mancave gifts for special occasions that they will love and use for many years.

Decanter set

If you really want to impress your boss or father-in-law, give them a whiskey set that includes the decanter and rock glasses. This works for anyone who has just started building their collection, to someone who’s already a fan.

Poker set

Personalized poker sets are an excellent way to make game nights more fun and casually let others know who’s the boss of the mancave. It’s also a way to keep cards and chips in a safe place and prevents them from getting lost.

Cigar holder

Get a monogrammed cigar holder and cutter so he can feel elegant when he enjoys a smoke. It also keeps his precious cigars from being smushed in his pockets when he’s outdoors.

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