11 Thoughtful Wedding Gifts You Can Give Your Coworker


Being invited to a coworker’s wedding is an honor, but it can also be a little awkward if you’re not that close yet. Often, a coworker will invite everyone in the office to ensure no one feels left out. While going to the wedding and celebrating their big day with them can be a fun day, this also means needing to find appropriate wedding gifts for bride and groom.

This can be a tricky task depending on how close you are with the coworker, but don’t worry. Here are thoughtful yet appropriate wedding gifts to give a coworker:

1 – Couples Mason Jar Mug

If your coworker loves the rustic look and vibe, getting them and their partner a customized couples mason jar mug is a fantastic wedding gift idea. These mugs will fit in perfectly in their cozy and welcoming rustic kitchen design.

2 – Happily Ever After Personalized Wine Bag

Is your coworker a wine lover? If so, then you can’t go wrong with a personalized wine bag as wedding gifts for bride and groom. They will definitely find it thoughtful and useful as well.

3 – Couple’s First Christmas Ornament

For those who want to give something more sentimental, a personalized ornament for Christmas is a beautiful gift. This gift is special and the couple can continue to use it year after year and include it in their Christmas tradition.

4 – Bride And Groom Coffee Mugs

Mugs are great wedding gifts, especially if they are customized for the couple. Everyone loves a warm drink in the morning, and what better way to start married life than with cheesy, but adorable matching mugs?

5 – Family Name Wall Art

If you’re sure the couple will have a shared family name, there’s nothing more thoughtful and personal than a family name wall art. These come in different fonts, designs, and colors so you can find one that compliments your coworker and their partner.

6 – Bride And Groom Champagne Flutes

Champagne flutes for the bride and groom are personal gifts. They can use these flutes on special occasions, such as celebrating all their future wedding anniversaries.

7 – Monogram Cutting Board

Nothing is more practical than a cutting board. Getting the couple’s initials or family name monogrammed on the cutting board, makes the gift unique and unlike anything else.

8 – Customized Trivet

A customized trivet for the couple is a great addition to any kitchen. They can choose to use it for display only or actually use it on the dining table to make any house feel like a home.

9 – “Love” Desk Plaque

This desk plaque has a small frame at the O’s center. Your coworker can add this to their desk or office shelves to remind them of their wedding day.

10 – Rustic Customized Wedding Frame

Another way for your coworker to display their commitment at the office is through a customized wedding frame that you gift them on their wedding.

11 – Wedding Day Personalized Cutting Board

Get the couple’s wedding day engraved on a cutting board to make it extra unique and special. These cutting boards are perfect as kitchen decor and as an actual cutting board, they are thoughtful and practical!