13 Pieces Of Furniture And Other Essentials A Newlywed Couple Must Have

Life is like a collection of books with various stories. Each one tells about a person, everyone, and everything around them. Tying a knot with someone you love and moving into a new home is one of the chapters you will have to go through. Besides renting a condo or buying a house, it requires a personal touch before a newlywed couple can call it home. Adding a personal touch means getting pieces of furniture like a wooden shoe cabinet.

Without pieces of furniture, a condo or house cannot be home. It is only space. To build a home like no other, newlywed couples should visualise their dream home. Imagining it will help them get started and find clues about what they want their home to have so they can live more comfortably.

Below are some of the pieces of furniture and essentials that a newlywed couple must have. Taking notes of the following will help you and your partner save time wondering about what you should get for your new home.

New Beginnings: 13 Pieces of Furniture And Other Essentials That A Newlywed Couple Must Have

1. A New Mattress

Newlywed couples should invest in quality beds so they would have a good night’s sleep. Given that they will have to spend thousands of nights together in their lifetime in their home, they should think carefully about the size.

Ideally, a master bedroom should have a king or queen size mattress in Singapore. This bed will give each person enough space to move around and sleep comfortably.

If you have other rooms where you would like to invite your guest to sleep the night, you may get a single mattress in Singapore. It will work best and fit perfectly in smaller rooms.

2. Bedding Sheets

Regardless of the bed size that you plan to purchase, you should know that bedding sheets do not come with them. Most furniture shops sell bedding sheets separately. Before making a purchase, however, you have to mind the size. Otherwise, you might purchase something too big or too small for the mattress you will get.

3. Wooden Shoe Cabinet

Unlike Americans, taking off shoes at the front door has always been part of Asian culture. But instead of placing the footwear on the floor, you should get a wooden shoe cabinet to keep them organised, especially if you have several people visiting your home.

4. Tripod Coat Rack

Although the tripod coat rack is commonly found in four-season countries, adding this piece to your home will make anyone more welcome. Your guest can place their jacket here after placing their footwear inside your wooden shoe cabinet at the front door.

5. Toolbox

When buying furniture, buyers have two options: assemble it themselves or ask the staff from the furniture shop to build it as soon as it arrives at the newlywed couple’s home.

Whatever your choice is, you still need to get a toolbox. This item will be helpful whenever you have something to fix with your pieces of furniture and appliances.

6. First Aid Kit

Accidents can happen, even in a newlywed couple’s home. While decorating your humble abode with pieces of furniture you bought and assembled like a wooden shoe cabinet, you might accidentally prick your finger with a nail.

Although the wound is not life-threatening, you should still address the bleeding so it will stop and cause infection.

7. Coffee Table

As soon as guests place their footwear inside a wooden shoe cabinet, the living room is the first place that will stumble upon them. Besides letting them sit on your comfy sofa, you should get them a glass of juice or a cup of tea and place their drinks on top of the coffee table in Singapore.

NOTE-placing-beverages-on-the-coffee-table-for-the-guests-that-come-overBefore placing the beverages, consider using a coaster, so the liquid dripping from the glass or mug will not stain the surface of the coffee table.

8. Extra Chairs

Newlywed couples are expected to hold a housewarming party, which is why it is only wise to get extra chairs. You can accommodate more people and let them sit more comfortably on a chair rather than on the floor when they come and visit.

9. Basic Appliances

While waiting for the glass of juice or cup of tea, your guests need something to entertain them. That is where the appliances will come in handy. A smart TV will keep them busy as they turn it on and find a movie they want to watch on your Netflix or Disney Plus account.

10. Side Table

Besides the coffee table, you also need to get a side table in Singapore for the master bedroom. Adding this on each side of the bed will give you and your spouse a space where you can keep your go-to items like car keys, smartphones, etc.

11. Bookshelf

Apart from smart TV and coffee table, you also have to get a bookshelf for your living room. This piece of furniture will help keep your books more organised. You can also place your trophies that you or your spouse have won in the past.

12. Large Wardrobe

As a married couple, a queen or king size mattress in Singapore is not the only mattress you will share with your spouse but also your clothing cabinet. Consider getting a large wardrobe to guarantee all of the clothes you and your spouse have will fit inside.

13. Artwork/Photo Frame

To feel the newlywed vibes, consider hanging an artwork or photo frame of your wedding. It will help you to have fun and a good married life with the person you have vowed to spend the rest of your life with.

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