Eye makeup is in general not very easy to recreate and when it comes to ablack smokey eye makeup look, it is the toughest thing to do. This is one of the toughest eyeshadow makeup in the eye makeup category. But still with some simple steps you can repeat it at home and with some limited amount of product.

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How smokey eyes can be done on your own

You can make simple eye makeup look just by using some limited products. Smokey eyes are quite famous and especially it is being used in every Indian wedding.But wedding looks required HD makeup and most of the time the makeup artists who are appointed for doing the bride’s makeup, use HD makeup kit for the whole makeup look.But all this heavy makeup tricks still can be achieved by using some simple eye makeup products that are being launched by the new Manish Malhotra collection of MyGlamm. In this collection they have curated some products that will be easier for the beginners to start their own makeup.

What would be required to create simple smokey eye look

In order to create a simple smokey eye look you only need a good neutral palette which will have matte smokey Eyeshadow colours along with 1 or 2 shimmer colours. If you have this type of eyeshadow makeup then you can create many eye makeup looksfrom the same palette. There are so many beginners friendly makeup but this particular collection that has launched by MyGlammis something that can be used by either matte smokey eye makeup look or a shimmery one.

Use high quality eye shadow

For beginners matte eye shadows are more appropriate at easy to blend. This collection has eyeshadows that are easy to blend and of a high quality. They are very easily planted with good brushes and a lot of eye makeup look can be created from one particular palette only. This is a great product for the eye makeup category as it provides a lot of different shades.

The MyGlammwebsite also provides a lot of eye makeup tipsand black smokey eye look for the beginners and that’s how they can also identify which particular item they would like to buy before spending their money. Lot of eye makeup products to choose from this particular collection and hence you can easily with the tips given by the specialists what to buy and what not to buy.