3 Festive Snow Activities for Kids

Utah snow is just around the corner, and the holidays are heading our way! Don’t miss out on your chance to introduce your kids to some fun snow activities this winter! From making snow ice cream to orchestrating snowball fights, there’s no shortage of fun to have in the snow. Be sure to take a few extra safety precautions for your home this winter such as checking your HVAC system and installing snow guards on your roof. Here are a few fun ways to kickoff the winter fun!

Snow Ice Cream

Snow isn’t everyone’s dream come true, but who doesn’t love a bowl of homemade ice cream? Instead of spending the day out in the cold, warm yourself by the fire and help your kids prepare a delicious (though slightly unsanitary) bowl of snow ice cream. It’s simple too! Scoop 8-12 cups of fresh, white (not yellow) snow into a large bowl and then add 300mL of sweetened condensed milk. Finally, add a teaspoon of vanilla and mix the ingredients together with a wooden spoon. Voila! Help yourself to a simple, inexpensive bowl of delicious ice cream. But as you enjoy the holiday season, don’t forget to protect your home by installing roof snow guards.

Snow Building

Snowman snow is hard to come by-it requires the perfect consistency of moisture within the snow, and the weather must be just right to prevent it from melting. But just because your kids can’t build a snowman doesn’t mean they can’t build other things with the snow! Challenge your kids to gather sticks, stones, and other garden treasures to build a makeshift snowman or snowpile. Encourage them to deviate from traditional snowmen by building thrones, igloos, and other sculptures. But as snowfall begins to increase, make sure you’re not just entertaining your kids, but protecting your home as well! Install roof snow guards to help manage the snow on your roof and alleviate the pressure to prevent roof collapse.

Snow Candy

Kids can often seem hard to please, but snow candy is an easy way to entertain (and feed) your kids! Rather than shopping for candycanes and chocolates, bust out a bottle of maple syrup to create maple syrup snow candy! In a saucepan, bring 2 cups of maple syrup to a boil. Next, pack down an area of clean snow. Pour the syrup in puddles on the snow and then press popsicle sticks into the syrup, rolling it as it cools to form a maple syrup lollipop. Encourage your kids to join the fun or surprise them with their holiday treat! But don’t let the sweetness distract you from what’s really important-protecting your home. Install roof snow guards or ice guards to protect your home this winter.

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