3 Most Popular Panerai Straps

Panerai, that watch name is synonymous with craftsmanship and functionality worthy of military wear. It is where it began, created originally just for that sector of the population during the 1930’s and opened to the civilian market in the early 1990’s. What makes this time piece so special?

 It is a luxury watch for many reasons that have endured through the years. Featured by Ferrari and notable celebrities, it is a distinct and recognizable brand which dons the wrist of classic and upscale arms throughout the world. The brand may have a watch face setting the standard in appearance and function but it does not skimp on what holds that face; watch bands or straps that hold just as much quality.

Strapped in Style

The modern man is both stylish and practical in his approach to being put together; dapper dresses with wrist coverage are thought about utilizing Panerai watch straps as high end accessories. The top three stylish straps that make the Panerai man are the following:


This type of band is based on being authoritative, definitive; a true model of established value. The Panerai leather strap is one major choice in tan, brown, or black options and an area staple in high end men’s wrist wear. The Leathers include stitched, perforated, croc, or alligator hide. It is interesting to note that alligator straps are a unique leather favorite across the board when the wearer desires to stand out in durability and strength wearing premium textured material such as alligator or croc skin.

Steel Feel

Stainless steel is a popular design style from home to personal accessories. This has not escaped the luxury watch community or Panerai straps. With its ability to resist corrosion or rust. Offering material more understated than flashier gold it has a shine and brilliance that are attractive to men around the world.

Moving from sheer practicality to top wrist candy, the advances in weight, durability, and design bring about the reframing perception of how practical yet beautiful they can be. They are also great choices in all weather conditions. Stainless steel watch bands are top choices as they are manufactured through a very unique way.

Close Comfort

Comfort for many are top priority when wearing a watch and the ability to combine comfort and style is what Panerai straps provide in bund, Milanese, or mesh suppleness every time. This type of strap requires less concern or worry about how to care for them while being minimized by necessity of less care. This type of band are breathable, moisture resistant, lighter with much flexibility.

Personalization is apparent in wearing this comfort style with an adjustable clasp meeting personal preference or standards. Milanese mesh offers cool easily maneuverable touch that one almost forgets they have a watch on. Bund straps are more rare but are a proven choice as leather is laid upon another layer of leather alleviating tactile pressure and ill fit. It protects while being active wearing and looks stylish with street wear.

There are so many choices of Panerai watches and straps that were not discussed here but are worth researching. Remember the style and the man go hand in hand with the timepiece he chooses to adorn his wrist. Here you can show off your style, comfort level, or willingness to step out of the comfort zone testing out a new color or texture that works well in your life.