3 reasons why south indian industry is growing

Cinema has been the major profession and entertainment for ages. While Bollywood has ruled the industry, the South Indian movie industry has also made its dent in this niche.  In the recent years, it has been sprawling into mainstream cinema as well. It is one of the reason why best south Indian movies dubbed in Hindi list for the wider reach. There are several reasons behind this success. People today have varied tastes and choices. This very versatility has enabled the South Indian industry to come out in the limelight. The driving five factors for enraging success are scrutinized further.

Good plots

Unlike the clichéd hooliganism and romance, the industry has produced very nuanced pieces in the recent year. Movies like Thadam, Maharshi have earned critical acclaim too. It has also provided brainstorming and thought-provoking movies as well. Bollywood movies like Drishyam and Kabir Singh are also adaptations of South Indian movies. This gives us a rough idea that there has been immense creativity in recent years. There are different platforms that talk about the creativity of the South Indian Industry. YouTube channels also influence viewers and promote South Indian content.

 Abundance of talent

Breaking into mainstream Bollywood is really tough. Hence, new and inexperienced artists generally choose the South Indian industry over the Hindi film industry. This provides the South with fresh faces and unique talent. Stars like Taapsee Pannu were established actors in the South before joining Bollywood. Every artist provides a magic of his own. This removes mundanity from the area of entertainment. Due to this, the new audience prefer to watch different genre of work.

Great dance choreography 

An undeniable fact is that the South harbors the best dancers. When choreographers add the magic on screen, it creates a surreal effect. Dancers like Sai Pallavi are killing it in the South. Even if the plot is less appealing, the audience goes in for the dance performances. Variations in the dance forms keep the thrill heightened. Given the artist’s talent, the dance performances are the show stealers.

Increase in audience

As mentioned earlier, the audience today loves variety. Earlier South Indian movies were restricted to the particular region. But now, it is known in every nook and corner of the world. Hence, there as been an exponential rise in the number of vviewers. This is one of the prime reasons or the success of the South Indian Movie Industry.

Improvement in visuals

Unlike early time, the South provides movies with high-quality visuals. The costumes, battle scenes, graphics have been polished to a great extent. No one would find any part of a movie to be unreal. The entire team invests a lot of money to make things authentic. It provides a plus point for the industry. The audience today is smart enough not to spend time on worthless experiences. With increasing demands, there has been an increase in quality.


The South Indian Movie industry has given some serious competition to other industries. It has successfully invested it’s prowess in understanding the demands of the viewers. This has in turn resulted in immense success. The success rate has clearly indicated that this industry is not going to stop growing. It will expand its wings and conquer the sky.


 I am Ditsa who has immense interest in writing the entertainment & movies genres. I have been writing for trendpickle for quite some time now.