3 things to do in Malta this summer
Among the most popular activities among travelers are diving, snorkeling and boat trips. There are also tours and other activities that can be booked in advance.

Horn blower Gozo and Comino Cruise

If your stay in Malta is short, a very good option to visit the island of Gozo and Comino is to do it with a mini-cruise. You will see that there are many boats doing this route, but we recommend the Hornblower Boat. This boat offers you a full day excursion that will allow you to bathe in the transparent waters of Comino and visit the island of Gozo.

The ship departs from Buggiba, a city very close to Saint Julian’s or Sliema. There are several buses that stop at Buggiba Jetty, in front of the port where to board. The Hornblower sets sail in the morning and take you directly to Comino, making a route along the coast and stopping in front of some caves. You will see that the stones of the island of Comino contrast with the sea making a very impressive play of turquoise lights.

Diving In Malta

Diving is one of the most interesting activities to do in Malta. While you dive and enjoy this sport you can closely observe the marine life that lives deep in the Mediterranean Sea. It is also an ideal place to start in this underwater sport since the waters are extremely calm and there are no dangers related to the climate or fauna; so if you feel like taking your first strokes in this beautiful sport, you could take advantage of the opportunity. If, on the other hand, you are a scuba diver and want to explore a new sea floor, Malta may also be a beautiful destination for it. It is worth mentioning that in this archipelago you can dive around some ships sunk during the Second World War, and this is an amazing experience.

Although there are plenty of places in Malta where you can go diving, the most recommended are on the island of Gozo and the small island of Comino, to the Northeast and South of Malta respectively. These areas belong to natural maritime reserves and are very well cared for so you can enjoy a very satisfactory activity.

Sailing in Malta

Whether you are a sailing enthusiast or want to know what this experience is like, Malta can be a wonderful destination to unleash your hobby. On this island there are numerous places where you can practice this sport. There are numerous centers where you can rent boats at interesting prices; however, we recommend you go to the Sliema and Pacevillearea, since there they tend to have very competitive prices and are tailored to suit the tourist.

If you have your doubts because you have never practiced this sport, do not be afraid, in Malta you can take different courses in which they will teach you all the secrets of sailing and you will be able to learn how to drive your first sailing boat. What does exciting look like! You can visit maltacharters.com to get all the information about the same.