3 Tips to Get Your Man Cleaned Up

For many women, they want a good looking guy to be by their side.

That said what do you do as a woman if your guy is not looking quite like you’d prefer them to look like?

No, you do not automatically kick them to the curb.

For some women, they will offer hints and suggestions. That is so their guys can focus a little bit more on taking care of themselves.

So, would you like your man to get a little cleaned up?

What Suggestions Do You Have for Him?

In hoping that your man changes one or more things about his appearance, here are a few ideas:

  1. Grooming – For some women, they love a man with a beard, goatee or even mustache. That said does your guy need to do a better job when it comes to keeping his facial hair looking fit and trim? If so, have you offered any suggestions to him? One option would be to go online and review different shaving products on the market. Your guy could review Harry’s shave club and other top brands. When he does, he is likely to come up with the shaving items he needs for a smoother and better looking facial hair. If he could work on his hairstyle too, you might suggest a different barber or salon for him to go to. The bottom line is making suggestions without coming across as overly picky.
  2. Weight – Many people will say they would like to lose a few pounds or even put a few more on. With this in mind, is your guy happy with his weight? If the answer is no, there are some options on the table for him. One would to look into his diet. If he is eating too many of the wrong foods, this can lead to being over or under weight. Another area of focus would be the times of day he eats and how many meals he gets. For example, eating a big meal right before bed is not the best of ideas. The food does not digest as properly as it would when one is moving around. You might also discuss his exercise habits. If he does little or no exercising, this of course can lead to weight issues. While it is his call how he wants to look and feel, a little nudge now and then never hurts.
  3. Clothing – Last, what does your guy’s wardrobe look like? While many women tend to be picky about the clothes they wear, some do not give much thought on how their guys dress. You may drop him a hint or two that his wardrobe needs a little refreshing. While some women will buy articles of clothing for their guys, you are better off letting him decide. That makes it easier when it comes to sizing, colors and more.

When your husband or boyfriend has the look you love, it can make for a smoother relationship.

So, drop a few hints without coming across as being overbearing and more.