3D Animation and Product Design

Using 3D Animation in Product Design and Development

3D animation is seeing a huge rise in popularity, especially in the world of product design and development. Why use flat sketches, when 3D animation can actually bring a product to life and not just visually, you can see everything from how it works to potential design flaws. Animated 3D products allow you to actually see a product for what it is, which can help with the manufacturing process, selling to customers and pitching to investors.

3D animation can take your product to new levels, from how a machine works to how a watch ticks. From simple demonstrations to full conceptual videos, 3D product animation is capable of producing anything you need it to. Keep reading below to find out more about the types of products that can be developed with 3D animation and the benefits of using it.

What Products Can Be Created With 3D Animation?

No matter what product you might be designing or development, 3D animation can turn it from an idea into a reality, without even needing to build a prototype. In the UK 3D product animation has seen a huge surge in popularity. Some of the products that animation agencies regularly design for clients are:

  • Machinery such as farming tools, generators and much more
  • Vehicles such as motorbikes and electric cars
  • Tools such as saws and drills
  • Jewellery such as watches
  • Next gen energy such as solar machines and hydro pumps

Benefits of 3D Animated Products

  • Helps to bring your product to life
  • You can see your product and how it functions
  • Design flaws can be corrected before production
  • Product design can be shown to customers and investors

Bring Your Product To Life With 3D Animation

There are many 3D animators in the UK that specialise in product design and development. Searching for things such as “3D Animation”, “3D Animators” and “3D Product Design” will help you to find companies local to you.