4 Cases Handled By A Family Lawyer | Red Flags To Watch Out For In A Lawyer

People who need help when it comes to the law must look for one person: a lawyer. They are the ones who can assist you if you are having issues with the law, especially if the situation is serious. But before you get one, you need to know the cases they handle to ensure that you contact the right person. You can encounter a family lawyer and a criminal lawyer in Singapore. These are the things you need to learn.


A family lawyer in Singapore helps those who have family concerns. Some think of divorce when they hear the words family lawyer, but aside from that case, they also handle others. Here are some of them:


Many people get confused when legal separation and divorce are the topics. For couples who want to undergo any of the two, their differences are the first factors you need to know because they can affect your life as a married couple and a separated one. Legal separation can make you retain your status. It means that you are still married in the papers. It could affect other factors in your marriage like the following:

  • Reconciliation – if you are not entirely sure if you want to divorce your partner, your family lawyer will advise you to have legal separation. Here, you can still decide about the future of your marriage and see if you can work everything out. If yes, you can reconcile with your partner. It is easier in legal separation since the status is still there.
  • Liabilities – if debts are in the talks, the responsibility still revolves around the couple. But in divorce, the other will not need to think of it any longer.
  • Status – as mentioned, the status will still be married. If your religion does not allow divorce, legal separation is one of the decisions you and your partner can make.

These factors will help you if you do not know how to handle issues in your marriage. Legal separation is like having a space to breathe. You have time to think about the situation of you and your partner. It is better to know the family law to ensure that you make the right decision.


Now that you know legal separation, another case concerning marriage is divorce. And, this one is the most common. A family lawyer can help you with this since there are matters that need consideration. They will ensure that you understand what will happen to you, your partner, and your children while the case is ongoing and after the approval. To help you start with divorce, do not forget about the legal grounds – fault-based and no-fault. Here are their differences:

  • Fault-based divorce – many people who choose divorce are fault-based. Here, the other party is the one at fault. They are the cause of the decision of the other. Most situations here involve wrongdoings that can affect their partner and children. Adultery, alcohol abuse, drug usage, and domestic violence are only some reasons. If these cases are what you are experiencing, your family lawyer can help you.
  • No-fault divorce – when it comes to this ground, the person filing for divorce does not blame their partner for the decision. No violence or addiction is involved, but it revolves more on emotional attachment to each other. It might be their differences or falling out of love and affection.

Before you decide that you and your partner need to divorce, do not forget to consider other things that will be affected by your decision. Learn about family law to know child custody, property separation, and more.


Aside from the separation of couples, a family lawyer can also help when it comes to will and other legal documents that concern the properties of family members. They will assist in the property transfer from the name to its success. If issues occur about the division, the lawyer will be the one who will declare the details mentioned in the will.


Some couples could not conceive a child, so they go for adoption. To legally name the child to them, a family lawyer will help them. They will process all the things needed in making the child named to the couple who adopted them.

If any of these are what you are facing, you can ask the help of a family lawyer. This way, you will also learn more about family law in Singapore. But before you can do that, you need to search for a reliable and legitimate firm in the country.



Lawyers are known to be professionals. However, not all of them show the same courtesy to their clients, affecting the name of other lawyers. To avoid getting an unprofessional one, here are the red flags you need to watch out for:

  • The unwillingness to help is the first thing you need to check. No matter what the status is, helping people is necessary. It is part of the job. If they show unwillingness, consider looking for a new lawyer. This one also applies when looking for a criminal law firm in Singapore.
  • Not having enough skills can affect the processing and winning of the case. Skills are necessary for a lawyer, especially in a criminal lawyer. They handle issues that could impact the lives of their clients.
  • Negative feedback also gives a different message to the client. If you see this, consider searching for a new lawyer instead of dealing with those who could not handle their previous clients properly.
  • Success rate helps the client decide about trusting the lawyer. But if they do not show success rate proof, do not waste your time dealing with them, and look for a lawyer you can trust.

Remember these things when looking for an expert and professional lawyer. You can start looking for them by visiting the website of Aspect Law Chambers. You will know more about the law and Personal Protection Order in Singapore.